Conservative Leaders Endorse Rick Santorum for President

This list of endorsers demonstrates that Rick Santorum is the best candidate to bring together social conservatives, national defense conservatives, economic conservatives, and the newly energized constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul Agree on Constitutional Protections

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have often been at odds on how the U.S. should respond to Iran's nuclear program, but they appear to agree on one important issue: that the indefinite detention language in the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act is wrong.

Mitt Romney’s Weird Handout

Did anyone else find the fact that Mitt Romney would reach in his pocket and hand a wad of cash to a random participant in one of his campaign rallies just a little bizarre?

Time to Change Iowa’s Corrupt Caucuses

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has managed to turn the Iowa Republican presidential preference caucuses into a cottage industry for Iowa’s establishment GOP political consultants and other establishment insiders.

Must Read -- The Romney Opposition Research File

The former GOP nominee's research shows conclusively that Mitt Romney’s greatest talent as a candidate is his ability to keep every hair in place while not telling the truth.

Debate Fatique? We’re Just Getting Started!

Two-thirds of the conservative and Tea Party activists responding to the CHQ Poll say 17 debates are not too much—keep them coming!

CNN South Carolina GOP Debate: Final Fight for Relevance

The four Republican survivors met in Charleston on Thursday night, where each displayed his strengths – and weaknesses – for conservative voters heading into Saturday’s primary.

Santorum is Natural Home for Perry Voters

Now that Governor Rick Perry has suspended his campaign, Senator Rick Santorum is the best fit for the values voters that are Perry’s core supporters.

Viguerie Says Santorum Natural Home for Perry Voters

After Rick Perry's announcement that he was dropping out of the GOP presidential nomination contest, Chairman Richard A. Viguerie says Rick Santorum is the natural fit for his supporters. 

Activists Want Light or No Punishment for Marines

Conservative and Tea Party activists responding to our CHQ Poll see no need for harsh punishment of the four Marines in the video showing them urinating on dead Taliban bodies.

Is a Mitt Romney-Rand Paul Ticket the GOP’s Answer?

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the GOP’s two top vote-getters. Would Rand Paul as the vice presidential candidate keep the party from splitting apart, and lead to victory in November?

Mitt Romney Needs Rand Paul on His Ticket

The CHQ Poll suggests that is the only way he can win over supporters of Ron Paul if he gets the GOP nomination.  And Ron Paul is the second-biggest vote-getter in the GOP race.