Viguerie: Support Ovide Lamontagne

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has released a statement supporting Ovide Lamontagne for Govenor of New Hampshire:

Dear friends of CHQ, 

I pass along to conservatives in the Washington, D.C. area an invitation to a fundraiser on Wedneday, June 6 for principled, small-government, constitutonal conservative Ovide Lamontagne. 

The Pope’s Message the Media Ignored

The establishment media ignores the Pope’s timeless message that the family is the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues.

Is Holder Helping Democrats Steal the Election?

Republicans must have ballot security teams in every congressional district in battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

Bilderbergers: Powerful, But Doubtful Conspiracy

CHQ Poll respondents don’t buy into hard-core Bilderberger conspiracy lore.

All Eyes Are on Wisconsin

Dems insist the polls are wrong and hope to avoid embarrassment in tomorrow’s recall vote. (Read)
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Democrats Exasperated with Warren

Their Cherokee candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts has done everything wrong. (Read)
A Textbook Case of How Not to Do It
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Another Warren Credibility Gap
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‘Just Say No’ to Obamapartialcare

Conservatives and Tea Partiers tell the CHQ Poll they want no part of Obamacare. Repeal it in its entirety.

Viguerie to Radtke Donors -- Allen Has Not Confessed His Political 'Sins'

There's no evidence George Allen had changed his big spending – big government ways.

NY Times Joins Obama in Attacking the Catholic Church

The Catholic lawsuit against the Obama administration is neither a stunt, nor is it meaningless.

Please, No More Success Like This

Obamanomics has been a disastrous “success” compared to past recoveries.

How About a Soda Party to Go with the Tea Party?

New York soda ban proves the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.

Marriage -- Two Very Different World Views

Conservatives must oppose the idea law and moral judgment can be divorced.