PART 1. Can Romney Hijack the Republican Convention?

In the aftermath of the Illinois Republican presidential primary one thing has become clear – the delegate counts being bandied about by the Romney campaign and its sympathizers in the Republican establishment are at best wishful thinking and are more likely a ploy to hijack the Republican National Convention before it even opens.

No Spring Break Flings at Taxpayer Expense!

Almost unanimously, conservatives and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll it is a misuse of taxpayer money to send the Obama daughter to Mexico with 25 Secret Service agents.

The Poisoned Fruit of Romney’s Campaign

Despite the vast sums Romney spent on TV ads, turnout in Chicago was the lightest it has been in modern times. The results in Illinois show that, far from exciting the base and capturing their imaginations, Romney is winning by turning many of them off.

You’ll need ‘protection' for Obamacare Supreme Court rallies

Your video camera, that is. With all the publicity about the Tea Party and other rallies that will take place during the extended oral arguments, March 26, 27 and 28, you know the pro-Obama media will be looking to create a false narrative about the gatherings.

Health Nannies As Unpopular As Political Nannies

Three-fourths of our CHQ Poll respondents say they will continue eating as much red meat as in the past, no matter what the Harvard health gurus say.

Romney’s Phony Delegate Count

In an incisive post on Red State, Morton Blackwell, a member of the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee, points out how this year’s Republican National Convention delegate count is complicated by the fact that the Republican state parties in Florida and Arizona chose to violate the election calendar established by the RNC and Rule 15(b)(2) of the Rules of the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan’s Budget is Missing One Key Element

Capitol Hill Republican leaders are still operating with the Bush-Hastert-Frist spending mentality. All the good ideas in Paul Ryan’s budget plan will come to naught unless one key element is added – new Republican leaders prepared to actually spend less next year than they did this year.

Among Conservatives, Two-Man Race Between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum

If you ask conservative activists, the 2012 GOP nomination is down to a two-man race between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. 

Rick Santorum: Send Them A Message in Illinois – and Beyond

The barons of the Illinois establishment Republican Party and their counterparts around the country would like to think that conservatives will eventually acquiesce to the Romney nomination and that come November grassroots conservative voters will hand them back the federal check book and the reins of power they so woefully abused during the George W. Bush years. Send Them a Message that they're wrong.

Conservatives Expect Supremes to Rule Against Obamacare

But in our CHQ Poll, they’re divided about whether the Supreme Court will knock down only the individual mandate or the entire law.

Send the Illinois GOP Establishment a Message

In 2010 the Tea Party and grassroots movement conservative voters sent a message; that business-as-usual establishment Republicans are just as big a threat to freedom as are liberal Democrats. In Illinois, grassroots movement conservative and Tea Party voters can send that same message tomorrow by turning out to vote for Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential primary election.

CHQ Respondents Financially Worse Off Today

Four out of five say they are worse off financially today than they were four years ago.