Conservatives Think Coup in Egypt is a Good Thing

Most feel Egypt is not ready for democracy, and the coup keeps the Muslim Brotherhood from coming to power.

Obama Administration is Public Enemy No. 1 for its Lawbreaking

Tea Partiers think of government as an enemy only when it blatantly ignores the Constitution. (Read)
Left Partners with Government to Violate 1st Amendment
The Committee for Justice
Obama Administration Selective in Enforcing Laws
The Daily Caller

You Are The Leader You Have Been Waiting For

Your leadership is needed and will make a difference in every aspect of life.

Breitbart’s Big Government Has Conservative History Wrong

Conservatives, not liberals, pioneered the use of the new and alternative media in politics and our ability to bypass the establishment filter is what built the modern conservative movement.

Senate Keeps Sweet Subsidy Going

Sugar growers won’t have to worry about a free market. Costs consumers $3.5 B a year. (Read)
Senate Also Rejects Rand Paul Cuts
Associated Press
Fishy Amendments to Farm Bill
ABC News
Coburn Aims to Cut Farm Fat
Washington Times

CHQ Poll: Hold Eric Holder Accountable

Whether or not he resigns, conservatives say he should be held in contempt if he refuses to answer questions about his conduct.

Obama Accepts Our Challenge, Now Will Romney?

Romney can win, but only if he presents a world view based on freedom and a small constitutional government in radical contrast to the one offered by President Obama today.

New York Times Goes Bonkers

Isn’t the government doing a lot more what got us into trouble in the first place?

House GOP Abandons Fiscal Conservative Principles

None of the House GOP leaders will actually fight to cut spending.

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie Honored at Conservative Leadership Conference

The 2012 Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) honored Chairman Richard A. Viguerie with its “Reagan Legacy Award” at its recent meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Issue for the Right: Abolish Property Taxes!

In our CHQ Poll, most are for abolition, others want more information, very few are for property taxes.

Obama Accidentally Gives GOP Path to Victory

Obama let slip his world view, now Romney and the Republicans must offer a small government constitutional conservative alternative.