House GOP Abandons Fiscal Conservative Principles

None of the House GOP leaders will actually fight to cut spending.

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie Honored at Conservative Leadership Conference

The 2012 Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) honored Chairman Richard A. Viguerie with its “Reagan Legacy Award” at its recent meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Issue for the Right: Abolish Property Taxes!

In our CHQ Poll, most are for abolition, others want more information, very few are for property taxes.

Obama Accidentally Gives GOP Path to Victory

Obama let slip his world view, now Romney and the Republicans must offer a small government constitutional conservative alternative.

Rand Paul and Tea Party Congressman Shoot Down Domestic Drones

When the government ignores the Fourth Amendment in the use of drones it can, and will, use them to peer into your bedroom, your farm, your factory or your backyard swimming pool.

Grover Norquist Smacks Down Jeb Bush

Moderates like Jeb Bush don't grasp that the Democratic Party exists solely to divide-up the spoils extorted from producers by the welfare state.

Doing What Business Owners Would Do at the White House

Tea Partiers understand better than anyone in the Obama White House how a job is created and sustained.

Eric Holder and Obama Fighting to Keep Illegals on Florida Voting Roles

Tea Party backed Florida Governor Rick Scott has vowed to fight Obama's efforts to keep illegals on the voter rolls.

Laffer and Moore Write a Tea Party Manifesto

Laffer and Moore show when Republicans abandon their principles, bad things happen.

CHQ Poll: Expect More Doom and Gloom

Virtually no one expects the economy to get better; three-fourths say it will be worse by Election Day.

Florida Bishop Leads Opposition to Obamacare Mandate

Other religious leaders should follow Florida Bishop Frank Dewane's lead and use their moral authority to oppose the Obamacare mandate.

A Secret U.N. Plan to Tax You?

It would be extremely foolish for Congress to allow the U.N to put the bite on the American economy.