Considering the Ron Paul conundrum for 2016

Ron Paul made inroads, but failed to explain why, or convince enough of us that, our lives would be better under his presidency. We need leaders who can not only explain why their positions are right, but how they will improve our lives.

First Obama Came for the Catholics…

Church leaders must overcome their natural desire to argue the correctness of their teachings, and instead enlist their fellow citizens -- both believers and non-believers -- in defending their freedom from big government lawbreakers.

The More Grassroots Republicans Get to Know Romney, the Less They Like Him

By percentage, Mitt Romney's only raising half as much from small donors as he was in 2008. It's yet another clue that the Massachusetts moderate establishment candidate isn't making it with conservatives.

Tea Party Senate Candidate Ted Cruz: Cutting Government Builds Momentum

In the Texas GOP U.S. Senate primary, the best choice for conservatives is Ted Cruz. Cruz has won the endorsements of numerous conservative and Tea Party groups for good reason, and he'd be a leader in the Senate.

Poll: Gingrich and Paul Won Arizona Debate

That’s the verdict of conservative and Tea Party activists who responded to our CHQ Poll after watching the latest Republican presidential debate.

The Arizona Debate: Romney Says, “Rick is absolutely right,” but...

After last night's debate (and based on his history), it's clear that rather than adopting the conservative agenda, Mitt Romney has settled on hypocrisy as his best strategy for dealing with Rick Santorum’s insurgent campaign.

Satan mocks Santorum’s Satan comments

Satan appeared on MSNBC (My Satan NBC) to criticize Rick Santorum’s reference to him at a Catholic college speech in 2008.

This is THE Litmus Test for Conservatives and Tea Partiers

89% of respondents to the CHQ Poll say it’s the coming vote on raising the debt limit. All members of Congress must be judged on whether they oppose another rise.

CNN Arizona GOP Presidential Debate – A Grand Canyon of Uncertainty

The Republican presidential candidates debated for the first time in a month on Wednesday night, but there was little new to suggest that one of them will emerge as a dominant conservative voice.

Tea Party Favorite Michele Bachmann Running to Win

If the liberal judges who drew the new House District lines in Minnesota thought they were going to silence Representative Michele Bachmann by drawing her out of her old district, they were sadly mistaken.

Tonight’s Debate: Ron Paul versus Rick Santorum on Social Conservatism

One of the more interesting things to look for tonight is whether Ron Paul joins Mitt Romney to carry the mainstream media's and Republican establishment's attack on Rick Santorum forward.

Has Matt Drudge Joined the Republican Establishment?

Matt Drudge rose to prominence as a guerilla journalist, but two recent incidents have made us question whether he has surrendered his guerilla street cred to the enticements of the Republican establishment.