Obama’s Drones Outside Your Bedroom

Congress must act to protect our privacy before 18,000 police departments get drone fever and start buying and flying their own unmanned aerial vehicles.

Lockout of Conservative Delegates by GOP Bosses

Conservative and Tea Party activists have learned the Republican Party’s rules are stacked against them.

Wisconsin: A Preview of November?

If Walker wins today, some think the state can go Republican in November, changing the electoral map. (Read)
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Why Are Conservatives Surprised?

Liberal site chides us for being angry at President-elect Romney, creator of Romneycare. (Read)
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Conservatives Confident of Victory Today

CHQ Poll respondents are certain that Gov. Scott Walker will win the recall election today.

Have You Called or Emailed Your Contacts in Wisconsin?

Now is no time to let-up on efforts to get out the vote for Scott Walker.

Viguerie: Support Ovide Lamontagne

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has released a statement supporting Ovide Lamontagne for Govenor of New Hampshire:

Dear friends of CHQ, 

I pass along to conservatives in the Washington, D.C. area an invitation to a fundraiser on Wedneday, June 6 for principled, small-government, constitutonal conservative Ovide Lamontagne. 

The Pope’s Message the Media Ignored

The establishment media ignores the Pope’s timeless message that the family is the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues.

Is Holder Helping Democrats Steal the Election?

Republicans must have ballot security teams in every congressional district in battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

Bilderbergers: Powerful, But Doubtful Conspiracy

CHQ Poll respondents don’t buy into hard-core Bilderberger conspiracy lore.

All Eyes Are on Wisconsin

Dems insist the polls are wrong and hope to avoid embarrassment in tomorrow’s recall vote. (Read)
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Democrats Exasperated with Warren

Their Cherokee candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts has done everything wrong. (Read)
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Another Warren Credibility Gap
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