Richard Viguerie: Conservative Movement Powers Santorum Victories

The conservative movement is uniting behind Rick Santorum’s candidacy -- and when conservatives are united behind one candidate there is nothing inevitable about a Romney nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Flow, Baby, Flow!

Canada has drilled the oil. Conservatives say let it flow to the United States. Start construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline now, they tell the CHQ Poll.

A Fuzzy Math Delegate Count from The Washington Post

The Post’s continued misinformation about the Republican National Convention delegate count and how the final voting process will take place is starting to make us wonder if there really is an inside-the-Beltway establishment conspiracy to hand the Republican nomination to Mitt Romney.

Will Today be the Day Conservatives Unite Behind Santorum?

After today’s Mississippi and Alabama Republican Primaries, one of three men is going to be President:  Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich has no real path to the nomination and should withdraw.

HBO’s ‘Game Change’—Few Conservatives Bothered To Watch

They know how the election turned out, of course. But apparently conservatives also felt that HBO’s bias was preordained, so why add to its market share?

The Rise of Newt Proves to be a Bust in CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Heading into Super Tuesday, some political pundits expected Newt to soar on a late surge. However, that proved to be a bust, just as the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll predicted.

CHQ Poll: Get Out of Afghanistan Now!

Even before the latest tragedy hit the news, four out of five conservative and Tea Party activists agreed with Senators Paul and Lee: It’s time to leave Afghanistan.

Conservatives Want Newt to Stay in the Race

A majority of respondents to our CHQ Poll think Newt Gingrich should stay in the Republican presidential race.

Memo to Tea Partiers: It’s The Primaries Stupid

Conservatives must act NOW to make sure that we have Tea Party and small government constitutional conservative candidates filed for every office up and down the ballot.

Conservatives Optimistic That Walker Will Survive Recall Move

By an overwhelming margin, conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll they expect Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will survive the recall movement mounted against him.

The Rush to Judge Rush

The public brawl between the left and Rush Limbaugh has never really been about attitudes toward women – it is about the politics of liberal feminism.

Rush Speaks for Republicans Because GOP Leaders Don't

Forget who Rush Limbaugh offended, or the liberal media’s attempt to restrict his “right” to free speech, or even a government mandate for insurance carriers to provide birth control. The real lesson in this controversy is for Republicans; particularly Republican leaders.