The New York Times Supports Project Veritas – Sort Of

You know that James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are on to something when even liberal institutions like The New York Times and Pew Center on the States agree that voter registration fraud is out of control.

Conservatism Is Not Severe, It Is Joyful

Contrary to Mitt Romney's stated belief, conservatism is not "severe." The conservative goals of protecting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness of the individual are nothing if not aimed at creating a joyful society.

Gingrich Flatlines While Santorum Explodes in CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Newt Gingrich's campaign has once again hit rock bottom. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum has hit record numbers.

78% Tell CHQ Poll That Ron Paul is Strongest Candidate

Of the conservative and Tea Party respondents, 15% think Rick Santorum is the strongest candidate against Romney, and 6% choose Newt Gingrich.

Rick Santorum Assures Conservatives He Won’t Move to the Center

“In his public speech at CPAC, and at a private luncheon with 90 national conservative leaders, Rick Santorum said he would campaign for the Republican nomination as a conservative, run against Barack Obama as a conservative, and govern as a conservative,” said Richard Viguerie.

Richard Viguerie Says Mitt Romney is a Severe Conservative Impersonator

Mitt Romney has shown, once again, that he can mouth the words conservatives use, but he has no gut-level emotional connection with the conservative movement and its ideas and policies.

Santorum Solidifies Conservative Support at C-PAC Luncheon

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum used a private Friday meeting with 90 influential conservative movement leaders to make a major stride in his quest to solidify the conservative movement behind his presidential campaign.

90 National Conservative Leaders Meet with Rick Santorum

"Rick Santorum is the only reliable conservative left in the race. Whatever others may say, no other candidate can be counted on to populate his administration with conservatives the way Santorum can be," said Richard Viguerie.

Majority of Conservatives Expect Santorum to Be GOP Nominee

Paul gets a quarter of the votes in our CHQ Poll, with the remaining quarter divided between Romney and Gingrich.

Santorum’s Late Surges Avoid Romney’s Slime Machine

While Rick Santorum tasted a little of what Mitt Romney has to dish out in Florida, he has yet to bear the full brunt of one of Romney’s now-trademarked negative advertising campaigns. Can he hold up?

The Better Voters Know Romney the Less They Like Him

The importance of Rick Santorum’s Tuesday victories cannot be understated: they came in three states where Mitt Romney was well known -- two of which he won four years ago.

Conservatives Demand Super PAC Reforms

Conservative and Tea Party activists overwhelmingly support transparency revealing donors to Super PACs, and making politicians accountable for the Super PACs tied to them.