Newt is Right – Romney is Timid

Mitt Romney's glaring weakness as a candidate (his timidity) needs to be addressed by the rest of the Republican candidates -- and right now, Newt Gingrich is doing it.

Michele Bachmann’s Departure

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s run for the presidency failed on execution, not message.

Primaries Are For Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Now that the Iowa caucuses have arrived and passed, we are officially in primary season. This is the perfect opportunity to begin separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to true, constitutional conservatives.

The Arrogance of the Republican Elite Hides Their Real Fear

Leading Capitol Hill Republicans are pushing the Romney candidacy because they want a presidential candidate who will run a content-free campaign and won’t rock their big spending boat.

Bachmann’s Exit Helps Santorum, Paul

In the views of CHQ Poll respondents, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are the two candidates who will benefit from Michele Bachmann’s withdrawal from the presidential race.

Romney Not Yet Awarded Delegates, But Rove Declares Him the “Heavy Favorite”

Karl Rove and the GOP elites are trying to convince themselves that, if they tout Romney’s inevitability loudly enough, conservatives won’t take the nomination fight all the way to the convention floor. They're wrong.

Richard Viguerie: ‘Santorum was hiding in broad daylight’

Why don’t conservatives trust Romney? See the interview with Chairman Richard A. Viguerie.

Wanted: New Candidate for Challenging Position

Half of our CHQ Poll respondents want Ron Paul or Rick Santorum as the GOP presidential candidate.  Most of the rest want someone new to enter the race.

Watch Richard A. Viguerie’s Interview with Lou Dobbs Chairman Richard A. Viguerie discusses the GOP presidential race with Fox Business Channel host Lou Dobbs.

Time for Conservatives to Get Behind Rick Santorum

Now is no time to quibble with Santorum on some of his issues you might have problems with. The battle is now between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Now is the time for choosing.

Not So fast! This Election May Not be About Jobs and the Economy

It's arguable that Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination (and the election) in 2008 because of his clean record on Iraq. Will his politically motivated withdrawal from Iraq be his downfall this time around?

What’s the Limited Message from Iowa?

After Iowa, conservatives need to focus on the primaries for Senate and congressional seats, be prepared to hold their noses about the eventual GOP nominee, and pray that a complete-package constitutional conservative is thinking about 2016.