Can President Obama raise the debt ceiling unilaterally? As usual the liberals have it exactly backwards.

By David M. McIntosh, Esq. - 7/30/11 
The 14th Amendment does not say the President can ignore the law and borrow more money.  In fact, it says the opposite.

The Death of Washington Knows Best

By Richard Viguerie  – 7/29/11
When the House Republican leadership pulled Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill from consideration Thursday evening, it sounded the death knell of the Washington knows best style of leadership that has dominated the Republican Party in recent decades.

CHQ Poll: Boehner gets little support here – 7/29/11
Our conservative and Tea Party activists would vote overwhelmingly against the Boehner debt plan if they were on the floor of the House of Representatives.

CHQ Poll: Boehner plan has little support here – 7/28/11
The overwhelming majority divided equally between standing firm on Cut, Cap, Balance, or voting against any debt limit increase at all.

CHQ Poll: Bachmann wins ‘our’ Iowa straw poll – 7/27/11
Michele Bachmann wins a clear majority in our preview of the Iowa straw poll ballot coming on August 13.

Viguerie praises Speaker Boehner’s response to Obama – 7/26/11
Calling it “the best political speech of his political career,” the Chairman of says Boehner must now follow up with similarly strong policies and leadership.

Bachmann’s migraines not a headache for conservatives – 7/25/11
By an overwhelming margin, our readers say her migraine headaches do not disqualify her for the presidency.  Now please move on to the important issues.

Viguerie: Many congressional staffers at odds with Tea Party – 7/25/11
Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, warns that the Tea Party is a threat to staffers who want to be part of the Washington establishment—and vice versa.

Viguerie: Many GOP Congressional Staff at Odds with Tea Party

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, -- 7/23/11
“Personnel is policy, and the Congressional staff of both establishment political parties is a powerful, but largely unseen, bastion of the Washington establishment,” said Richard A. Viguerie.

Congress Should Resist Pressure From Wall Street on Debt Limit

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of -- 7/22/11
The Washington/Wall Street axis is ramping-up the pressure on members of Congress to abandon their principles and apporove an increase in the debt ceiling.

CHQ Poll: Who’s afraid of default? – 7/22/11
Not our conservative and Tea Party readers.  Almost three-fourths of you want to stand firm against any rise in the debt ceiling, even if the result is default.

Tea Party: It’s time to stand firm, like a stone wall

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, – 7/22/11
As we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the First Battle of Bull Run—the first major engagement of the Civil War—we can learn some critical lessons from that historic battle.