Rep. Allen West and the Congressional Black Caucus

The Weekly Standard - 3/19/11
Florida GOP freshman Allen West surprised some with his decision to join the CBC.

Trump Gives on Air Criticism of Other Republicans

Adam Cassandra - 3/18/11
Donald Trump still considering a presidential run, even as a 3rd party nominee. (Video)

Shutdown Fight About to Get Heated

Politico - 3/18/11
Spending bill will have to tackle Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Wall Street and global warming.

Seven House Republicans Vote Against Defunding NPR

Adam Cassandra - 3/17/11
Seven Republicans broke ranks to support taxpayer funding of government radio. 

CHQ Exclusive: Mike Pence Commits to Fighting Against More Short-Term Budget Fixes

Christopher Bedford - 3/17/11
The popular House conservative says it's time to 'dig in' and 'fight.'

Richard Wirthlin, Pollster to President Reagan, Passes Away at 80 Years Old

Politico - 3/17/11
Wirthlin died at home Wednesday in the company of his wife and several of his children.

Bachmann, West Chosen as Favorite Conservative/Tea Party Representatives

William Upton -– 3/16/11
Bachmann took the top spot in a month-long poll of CHQ members.

CHQ EXCLUSIVE: RSC Chairman says GOP Budget Debate is about Tactics and Timing

Christopher Bedford - 3/16/11 
Rep. Jim Jordan says there are good conservatives on both sides of budget vote.

CHQ Poll Results: National Tea Party Has No Time for Sen. Lindsey Graham

Christopher Bedford - 3/16/11
Despite attempts to court Tea Party, activists smell a RINO.

House Leadership Overrides Conservatives, Passes 3-Week Extension

The Hill - 3/15/11
Speaker John Boehner forces through three-week spending bill, cuts only $6 billion, and angers conservatives.

Boehner Unconcerned with Conservative Outcry

The Hill - 3/15/11
'Confident' three-week spending bill will pass with $6 billion in cuts.

Bachmann Exposes $105 Billion Secret

Townhall - 3/15/11
Rep. Bachmann has found $105 billion in mandatory Obamacare spending hidden by Obama and Pelosi.