Richard Viguerie endorses Phil Moffett for Kentucky Governor

CHQ Staff - 4/4/11
"Moffett won’t go along to get along.  He will fight for ordinary citizens against the career politicians."

End of Compassionate Conservatism

The New Republic - 4/1/11
The "compassionate conservatism" of George W. Bush may be at an end in the GOP.

Partisan Motives or Wasteful Spending?

Politico - 4/1/11
The GOP is going after spending on liberal pet causes, but critics call it "punishment."

Toomey Won’t Oppose RINOs in 2012

Politico - 4/1/11
Sen. Pat Toomey plans to steer clear of criticizing Republicans in the 2012 primaries. 

Brown Calls GOP Cuts "Irresponsible"

Daily Caller - 4/1/11
Sen. Scott Brown criticized GOP efforts to cut spending in letter to Senate leaders. 

Pence to Tea Party: Shut it Down!

Fox News - 3/31/11
Mike Pence told a Tea Party rally Thursday government should shut down if cuts not made.

Right-Leaning Orgs. Host GOP Debate

Daily Caller - 3/31/11
The Daily Caller, Americans for Tax Reform and Citizens Outreach Foundation team up.

Florida May Lose GOP Convention

Human Events - 3/31/11
GOP leaders in S.C. and I.A. are asking the RNC to consider moving the convention.

CHQ Exclusive: Rubio: World's Investors Watching; U.S. Must Act Now

Christopher Bedford - 3/30/11
Sen. Marco Rubio cautions that U.S. must act now on spending: "The whole world is watching."

Ken Cuccinelli - America's Top Public Servant? - 3/30/11
Cuccinelli is one of three finalists for ‘Public Servant of the Year’ in the Sammies awards.

Changing of the Guard at a Conservative Bastion

Christopher Bedford - 3/30/11
One of America's oldest, most revered conservative institutions gets a new president.

30 Years Later - Reagan's Shooting - 3/30/11
Wednesday marks 30 years since Reagan's shooting, and a new book offers fresh details.