Governor Nikki Haley Stands with Tea Party on Immigration

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's firm stance in defiance of federal interference in her state's immigration enforcement matters provides an excellent example for others to follow.

Conservatives Against Campaign Polygamy

Tea Party and conservative activists tell the CHQ Poll that Ron Paul should limit himself to the GOP presidential campaign, and not consider a third-party bid if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

Issa fast with questions; CNN protects Napolitano

Rep. Darrell Issa has exposed another example of the arrogance of an Obama administration that will stop-at-nothing to avoid full and complete disclosure and transparency.

Wait and See on POLITICO’s Herman Cain Smear

Only when the facts are out, and the accusers are ready to publicly stand behind them, will voters be able to judge fairly what the truth says about Herman Cain.

CHQ Poll: Squatting is Not Free Speech

Conservative and Tea Party activists overwhelmingly say “Occupy” forces should not be allowed to stay overnight or camp out on public properties.

Ron Paul Endures by Sticking to Constitutional Principles

Ron Paul’s candidacy endures (despite being ignored by the media) with conservatives because he runs on constitutional principles and rarely panders to the establishment.

Richmond Tea Party Sends City a Bill for the Occupy Richmond Mess

When government officials require Tea Partiers to "pay" for their protests and let the Occupy Wall Street crowd misbehave for free, it's time to ask the government to give the money back.

Lawyer Says Catholic University Discriminates Against Muslims by Being Catholic

A government agency's decision to allow a lawyer's absurd "religious discrimination" claims against Catholic University to go forward reveals another instance of liberals trying to turn the Constitution on its head.

Lawbreaker Charlie Rangel advocates more lawbreaking

Congressman Charlie Rangel joins others in urging President Obama to defy the Constitution and rule the country by "executive orders" -- yet another example of government lawbreaking.

Which Candidate Picked Your Favorite Movies?

Michelle Bachmann picked your two favorite movies—“Braveheart” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

Mitt Romney’s Problem Shows Up Again in Ohio

Mitt Romney's recent flip-flop in Ohio (on the state's union reform bill) proves that he can't be trusted, and shores up poll results that show him lagging badly behind in conservative support.

Conservatives Split on Tax Systems

The only thing they agree on is that they don’t like the current system.