CBS South Carolina Republican Debate – The Gingrich Who Stole the Spotlight

Professor Gingrich loves the podium, and television loves his quick and canny responses, as the Republican presidential debate on foreign policy made clear Saturday night.

Obama's Ban on Swag

President Obama's lame suggestion to ban "swag" won't do anything to cure Washington's spending addiction -- and neither will the denials of Big Government establishment Republicans.

Virginia GOP Shows National GOP How to Lose in 2012

The failure of the Virginia Republican Party to pick up more than two state senate seats in this year's elections proves that feel-good, content-free campaigns just don't work.

A Congress of Lies

Finding and electing congressional leaders who will tell the truth is the most important step we can take towards ending Washington’s culture of lies and saving this great country.

Newt Performed Best in the Michigan Debate

Followed by Ron Paul, according to the conservative and Tea Party activists who responded to our CHQ Poll.  Nobody else came close.

Without Veterans No One Would Remember the Fourth of July

Today, as it was in revolutionary times, the American idea's survival depends on bringing forth a new generation of veterans who are willing to lay down their lives to protect it.

The Anti-Bailout Debate -- Newt Gingrich Sums Up the Campaign in One Sentence

If Republicans convince voters that by electing them they will truly end the “welfare state era of dependency, debt, distortion, and dishonesty,” they can’t lose. If not, they will never win.

Politics-as-Usual Candidates Please Note

In our CHQ Poll, the overwhelming majority of conservative and Tea Party activists say they'd vote for “a candidate who shares my views on the issues,” not perceived electability.

Michigan Republican Debate – The Battle for Flavor of the Month

Well into the presidential race, it’s clear that conservatives don’t want Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee. They’re just not sure who they do want, and Wednesday’s debate didn’t help much.

Republican Presidential Debate Insanity

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, welcome to the nut house of the establishment media-sponsored Republican presidential debates.

GOP State Senate Races in Virginia: Too Much Money, Not Enough Message

The Republican Party of Virginia failed to create a compelling reason for voters to switch from the “devil they know” to the “devil they don’t know.”

Is Herman Cain Toast? Conservatives Are Split

Respondents to our CHQ Poll are divided on that question, now that accusers are going public with specific charges.  That in itself is a big fall for Herman Cain.