ConservativeHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie Endorses Santorum

Rick Santorum is the most electable conservative seeking the Republican nomination for President.

Paul Extends His Lead as Santorum, Gingrich Nearly Tie in Straw Poll

Ron Paul extends his lead over Rick Santorum as Newt Gingrich rallies in Week 13 of the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll.

Government is society’s biggest (and most hypocritical) lawbreaker

Time magazine (hat tip Instapundit) reports that the congressman who wrote the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) violated copyright laws.

Activists Discount Romney Victory in South Carolina

A majority of activists in the CHQ Poll expect Ron Paul (40%) or Newt Gingrich (29%) to win the South Carolina primary next Saturday.

Huckabee 2 Forum in South Carolina – Conservatives Still Undecided, Yet a Bit Closer

“The People” asked the questions on Saturday night, and finally offered the GOP candidates a chance to get away from the media-driven interrogations that have become the norm in the debates.

The Rise of the Santorum Demographic

If you want to understand how Rick Santorum pulled-off his stunning photo finish with Mitt Romney in the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses forget all the hot air emanating from the inside-the-Beltway pundits and take a look at the pictures from Rick Santorum’s rallies and speeches in Iowa.

Senator Ron Johnson Gets It Right, But...

Senator Ron Johnson is a good conservative, and to be fair, Republicans ought to be united around a set of broadly conservative principles. But, a failure to be united on broad conservative principles is not the real reason Republicans have yet to close the deal with voters.

Who Should Conservatives Unite Behind?

Ron Paul gets about half the votes in our CHQ Poll, but Gingrich and Santorum get enough of the rest to suggest that their followers will not be willing to call it quits.

Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint Disagree on Tone of GOP Primary

DeMint says to be as positive as we can, and Palin thinks the candidates need to be vetted. One way or another, the GOP contenders will have to prove they can withstand serious scrutiny.

Romney's Real Bain Capital Problem is Hypocrisy

Who is more anti-capitalist? Is it Romney’s opponents or those who enjoy having the option of firing "the little guy" on the way up -- but then use their insider power to demand taxpayer bailouts on the way down?

Senator Rand Paul Walks the Walk on Cutting Spending

By slicing $500,000 from his own office budget, Senator Rand Paul demonstrated that federal spending can be cut -- by a lot. We just need more senators who think like Paul does to do it.

DeMint's Call for Respect of Paul, Libertarians Key for GOP Electoral Success

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) called on Republican presidential hopefuls to keep an open mind to Ron Paul’s libertarian positions.