Romney's Real Bain Capital Problem is Hypocrisy

Who is more anti-capitalist? Is it Romney’s opponents or those who enjoy having the option of firing "the little guy" on the way up -- but then use their insider power to demand taxpayer bailouts on the way down?

Senator Rand Paul Walks the Walk on Cutting Spending

By slicing $500,000 from his own office budget, Senator Rand Paul demonstrated that federal spending can be cut -- by a lot. We just need more senators who think like Paul does to do it.

DeMint's Call for Respect of Paul, Libertarians Key for GOP Electoral Success

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) called on Republican presidential hopefuls to keep an open mind to Ron Paul’s libertarian positions.  

Ron Paul Goes Bird Hunting

Like an experienced bird hunter or fighter pilot, Ron Paul knows that you aim for the back of the flight before you take on the leader -- and that's exactly what he's doing in the GOP presidential race these days.

It’s the Delegates, Stupid

Far from anointing Mitt Romney, Iowa and New Hampshire serve to remind conservatives that the race is far from determined, and they need to keep a focus on finding the best "not Romney" candidate.

Mitt Romney Would be Mr. Potter’s Candidate for President

He's trying to disguise it, but Mitt Romney’s brand of establishment capitalism is exactly what created the economic meltdown of 2008 -- and Tea Party and movement conservative voters can smell it on him.

Was Pat Buchanan Fired for Telling the Truth?

Because liberal self loathing assumes anything European and Christian is irredeemably bad and unworthy of defense, it now looks like Pat Buchanan will no longer be welcome at MSNBC.

Ron Paul is Now the Conservative Anti-Romney Candidate

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only presidential candidates to tie President Obama in a one-on-one matchup, and Paul has now received more votes than any other candidate except Romney.

In CHQ Poll, Ron Paul is the Preferred Anti-Romney

He gets over three times the votes of closest rivals Gingrich and Santorum.  But one-quarter of our respondents are not happy with the field, and want another candidate to run.

Newt Exposes Media’s Anti-Christian Bias During Non-Debate in New Hampshire

Saturday's ABC/Yahoo "debate" failed to delve into the real economic policy differences of the GOP candidates, but it certainly revealed the establishment media's bigoted war on Christianity.

Conservative Circular Firing Squad Continues in New Hampshire

Romney’s inevitability would fade rapidly if his conservative opponents would end the circular firing squad and focus on the fat target right in front of them – Mitt Romney’s liberal record.

A Special Invitation for Free-Market CEOs, Business Leaders and Investors Only

Most of the world’s economic problems start from the ideas discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and I’ll bet you weren’t even invited. However, there is an antidote. It’s the “anti-Davos”—the first annual Global Financial Summit held in the Bahamas, and this time you’re invited.