Christie Doesn’t Understand American Exceptionalism

Gov. Chris Christie's speech at the Reagan library yesterday demonstrated that he does not understand the nature of American exceptionalism, nor what enables it.

CHQ Poll: What’s Up With Fox News?

Our respondents overwhelmingly believe that Fox News is becoming more moderate.

CHQ Poll: No U.S. Bailout for Europe

It’s nearly unanimous.  We cannot afford to, and we need to get our own economic house in order.

Gallup Confirms Americans Want a Law to Govern Government

Americans are suddenly waking to the heritage of a government of laws that has been usurped by 70 years of growing federal power.

1 out of 2 Americans Believe Government is a Threat to Freedom

When neither Democrats, nor Republicans, govern by the Constitution, results such as those from Gallup’s poll should come as no surprise.

Florida Poll Message - Articulate Conservative Wanted

Herman Cain's Florida straw poll victory demonstrates that conservatives are responding to his message of jobs and the economy -- and so should the front-runners. (Image by Gage Skidmore)

Republican Candidates Diminish Themselves When They Follow the Media’s Debate Script

It's time for the Republican presidential candidates to start articulating principled conservative solutions to the problems facing this country instead of pecking at each other.

The Key to Conservative Renewal

If we reclaim the Constitution as the law that governs government, we are on the road to restoring American exceptionalism.

Herman Cain Wins More than the Florida Straw Poll

Even better, he wins the CHQ Poll as best debater!

Charles Krauthammer Joins CHQ to Criticize Obama's Expropriation Tax

It's good to see a perceptive commentator like Charles Krauthammer has picked up on the notion that the real Barack Obama just wants to redistribute wealth.

Award for Best Line of the Orlando GOP Presidential Debate Goes to…

Only one candidate got it right by saying we MUST elect an all-conservative ticket in 2012 -- not just a 'compromise' combination of conservative and moderate.

Mark Fitzgibbons Discusses "The Law That Governs Government"

Author and contributor Mark Fitzgibbons Discusses The Law That Governs Government (Audio) with Concerned Women for America's Martha Kleder.