CHQ Readers Liked Ann Romney & Ted Cruz Speeches

A surprisingly high 20% of poll respondents didn't watch, but of those who did, the potential First Lady and new Senator from Texas were the top choices.

GOP Rules Fight: Establishment's War On Conservatives

By changing the rules of the Republican Party, Washington’s Republican establishment made a last desperate stand to hold onto power Tuesday afternoon.

Christie Speech Skips Conservative Themes… and I Still Liked It

If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will, as Gov. Christie said, tell the truth and lead with conviction on the issues of  what Obama has done to the economy and how close he has brought the country to national bankruptcy, they can’t lose.

Conservatives Ted Cruz & Rick Santorum Rock GOP Convention

Cruz and Santorum represent the parts of the Republican electorate that make Washington’s establishment Republican political class nervous as the devil.

CHQ Readers Like GOP Platform, But Large Minority Not On Board

Respondents were somewhat split on the merits of this year's GOP platform.

Sarah Palin Should Be the 'Mystery Speaker' at the GOP Convention

Grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers still see Sarah Palin as one of their best spokesmen for the small government constitutional conservative cause.

Mitt’s Ham Handed Advisors Hurting Him with Conservatives

We hope this kind of contempt for the grassroots of the Republican Party isn’t what Governor Romney really thinks of the millions of local GOP activists who are supposed to be out working for him this fall.

Phyllis Schlafly: The 2012 GOP Platform is “the best yet”

“Altogether, the 2012 Republican Platform is an excellent document written by grass-roots conservatives. It is a true reflection of American values.”

CHQ Readers Expect Convention to Boost Romney to Lead

Just over half said Romney's already in the lead (and that the polls are biased), and another quarter said his post-convention "bounce" will be permanent.

Romney's Agents Stage Coup at GOP Convention

Grassroots conservatives have launched an unprecedented Rules fight that threatens to up-end the carefully choreographed coronation of Mitt Romney.

James Bopp Jr. Letter

To RNC members:

Internet Freedom Vital to Conservatives and Tea Party

Conservatives benefit by keeping communicating via the internet simple, cheap, immediate and censorship-free.