Nearly 2 Out of Every 3 Voters Support Paul in New CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul sets new record as the conservative grassroots demands tough talk on cutting spending.

Ben Bernanke, Butt Out!

Overwhelmingly, Tea Party and conservative activists tell the CHQ Poll they do not want the Federal Reserve chairman bailing Europe out of its debt crisis.  They vote for the “Ron Paul solution.”

Constitution, Federalism Intelligently Questioned at Fox News Presidential Forum

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi summed it up best: This was the most that the Constitution has been discussed in a 2012 presidential debate.

Huckabee Presidential Forum – Yes, GOP Candidates, There Really IS a Constitution

Limited government conservatives finally got a glimpse into the constitutional views of the Republican presidential field on Saturday night, and the picture is becoming clearer.

Judson Phillips on Virginia’s Choice for Senate

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips urges conservatives to find out more about Jamie Radtke before making up their minds in the Old Dominion GOP Senate race.

Conservatives Divided On What Cain Should Do

Half of our CHQ Poll respondents think he should stay in the race, but many are not certain what to make of the latest claim that he had a long-term affair.

Republican Cardinals Betray Conservatives Again

Establishment Republicans think that spending more is "Politics 101," so it's up to conservatives and Tea Partiers to teach them a lesson (through primary challenges) as to the real meaning of political courage.

Ron Paul Right Again On the Unchecked Power of the Federal Reserve

Establishment politicians, like Mitt Romney, dismiss Ron Paul’s crusade against the Fed, but the American public does not. 

Paul Nukes Gingrich in Our Poll on Iran Policy

One thing our conservative and Tea Party activists agree on, however, is that they don’t like President Obama’s approach, whatever it is.

Good News from the Perry Campaign

Rick Perry's campaign team shake-up (to go along with his fundraising prowess and conservative credentials) may yet resuscitate his prospects for competing in the GOP race.

Do Endorsements Matter?

Half of our conservative respondents say “no”; the other half say “yes,” but for different reasons.

The Establishment Media Misinterprets the Rise of Newt Gingrich

Gingrich's ascension to GOP front-runner is due to conservatives' perception that he'll govern as a conservative, not because he's seen as the non-Mormon, non-rich anti-Romney.