Conservatives Need the “Good” Orrin Hatch Back

As the late Paul Weyrich said,  "As long as you are alive, there is always time to change your ways."

Cruz Poised for a Win in Texas

Victory would elevate him as one of the brightest stars of the Tea Party generation. (Read)
Texans Have a Choice, Not an Echo
An Insurgency in Texas
The New Yorker

The ACLU Backs Position 97% of CHQ Readers Hold on Chick-fil-A

On this point: Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to ban a business (like Chick-fil-A) because of the religious beliefs of its owner.

Who’s ‘Middle Class’ in Politics?

I am. Anyone richer or poorer than me isn’t. It’s about that fuzzy. (Read)
A Look at Some Ways to Define It
Associated Press
Boehner: O Doesn’t Care About Them
Associated Press

Could Marco Rubio Save Mitt Romney?

If Romney chooses Rubio as his running mate, small government constitutional conservatives and Tea Partiers will back him with the enthusiasm reserved for one of their own.

Cantor: Right on Big Government Regulation, Wrong on the Solution

If Majority Leader Cantor is serious about undoing the damage Obama has done to the economy, he should schedule a vote to de-fund the implementation of a job-killing Obama regulation every day or two.

Chick-fil-A: Obama and the Democrats' Jihad Against Christians

The goal of Democrats is to threaten, bully, coerce and punish millions of Americans into abandoning their Christian beliefs.

Right Rallies Behind Chick-fil-A

Billy Graham and the Christian Right rally behind Dan Cathy’s defense of marriage. (Read)
ACLU Backs Chick-fil-A
‘Open and Shut’ Discrimination
Fox News

CHQ Poll: Print News Going the Way of the Dodo

A majority of our respondents do not expect to see any mass-market news magazines still in print by 2020.

Conservatives Must Fight Obamacare’s Big Lie

The biggest problem with Obamacare is that, from its very beginning, it was built on faulty data, rosie scenarios and outright lies.

Hollywood Has Significant Responsibility for Colorado Shootings

Hollywood will wring its hands all the way to the bank until consumers take control and stop buying tickets to movies that long ago passed out of the realm of entertainment into soul-numbing brutality.

'Audit the Fed' Bill Would Show Bernanke’s Political Agenda

There is only one explanation for the Fed's failed policies -- this is what President Obama wants.