We Need a Responsible Congress, Not a “Responsible” Increase in Taxes

Higher taxes won't reduce the deficit because Congress continues to spend beyond its constitutional mandate.

Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger Endorses Weldon

Author of "A Principle Based Manifesto Voting for Social Conservatives" explains why conservatives should support Dr. Dave Weldon over establishment Republican Connie Mack IV.

Brian Ross of ABC Made No 'Mistake' in Slandering Tea Party

Establishment media lefties, like Ross, have routinely tried to sell the idea that the Tea Party is a violent rightwing fringe group from the moment the movement began.

Guns: We’re Sitting Ducks

Unless we conceal and carry, we’re at the mercy of nut jobs and Islamic extremists. (Read)
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Charlton Heston Had It Right
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Violence Declining in U.S. for 40 Years
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Government didn’t ‘build’ our rights

Our government is based on “we the people,” but the notion of our uniquely republican form of government is that the people control government, and the Constitution is the law that governs government.

Invite Sarah Palin to Speak at Tampa!

The consensus is overwhelming on the CHQ Poll: Sarah Palin should be at the podium at the GOP convention.

It's the Primaries, Stupid! WSJ article adds proof

WSJ explains how the Kansas GOP legislative primaries have become a battleground between small government constitutional conservatives, led by principled conservative Gov. Sam Brownback, and big government establishment Republicans.

The “fiscal cliff” and the hypocrisy of Washington’s insiders

If we can’t cut spending and raise taxes without causing a recession, what can we do to rein-in the out-of-control spending that the Congressional Budget Office has termed unsustainable?

Who has the courage to oppose Democrats on same sex marriage?

Silence is evil’s best friend. The number one need in America today is leaders who will stand for the values and principles that are the foundation of our culture and national strength.

Romney Must Close the Deal Where the Tea Party Did Well in 2010

Governor Romney is trending in the right direction, but until he closes the deal in places where the Tea Party did well in 2010, the election is in doubt.

Christie Said to be Keynote Speaker

Guess that means the feisty New Jersey governor won’t be the veep choice (keynoters rarely are). (Read)
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Can He Be Beaten in New Jersey?