Good News for Romney:

Good News for Obama:

Romney Losing His Lead on Economy
Pew Research Center
Voters No Longer Expect Better Times
National Journal
Obama Crushing Mitt with Latinos
Business Insider

CHQ Poll: Sununu Should Not Have Apologized…

…when he said “I wish this president would learn how to be an American.”

WSJ echoes on Connie Mack's Senate Ambitions

Dave Weldon is the right candidate in Florida's Republican Senate Primary.

Will Romney Stop Obama from Destroying American Society?

To defeat Obama's "you owe us" campaign, Governor Romney must passionately deliver a message of freedom and American exceptionalism and show some real emotion about the boundless opportunity America offers.

Are conservatives now a majority of the majority in the House?

A majority of the majority in the House of Representatives has now demanded that the Speaker stand strong and exercise his power to block funding for Obamacare.

CHQ Poll: Give Obama Credit for Being Genuine and Sincere

He is genuinely and sincerely a hard-core leftist who is anti-business, say our poll respondents.

Religious Freedom Fight Against Obamacare Continues

The Obamacare "abortion premium” is nothing more than a fine or “Roberts tax” for not adhering to the new Obama-imposed state religion of secular humanism.

Why Did POLITICO Leave Us Off the List?

The inside-the-Beltway media always seems to have trouble grasping that “conservative” and “Republican” are not the same thing.

Conservatives Mounting Key Primary Challenges – State

These are all candidates who can make a real difference and will advance the conservative agenda in their state.

Perry to Romney: Show Your Taxes

Texas Gov. Rick Perry repeats earlier position that all candidates should reveal all tax docs. (Read)
McCain: Mitt Has Nothing to Hide
CNN Political Ticker
GOP Tells Mitt to Show Tax Returns
Romney Digs In: No!
Mitt: Democrats Would Distort Them

Conservatives Split on Trump as GOP Convention Speaker

We rarely see this even a split in the CHQ Poll.