Haley Barbour Won't Run for President

Christopher Bedford - 4/25/11
The Mississippi governor has withdrawn from the running.

CHQ Poll: Tea Party Backs Bachmann Over Palin

Christopher Bedford - 4/25/11
In a presidential race, Palin no longer queen.

Viguerie Glad Pataki's Not Running

Richard Viguerie - 4/21/11
Former NY Gov. George Pataki is not running for president -- good news for conservatives.

Trump is Right – the Bush Republicans Betrayed Us

Richard A. Viguerie - 4/21/11
Viguerie certainly doesn't agree much with Trump, but he's right about Rove and Bush.

Thanks to Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh for standing up for meaningful cuts in the federal budget!

Richard A. Viguerie - 4/21/11
Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh stood with principled conservatives for the good of America.

Trump is a Liberal on Every Major Issue

National Review - 4/20/11
Read for yourself—it's all on the record. 

Viguerie Targets GOP at Tea Party

CHQ Staff - 4/20/11
Richard Viguerie highlighted the problem of big-gov Republicans at TN rally (Video)

Rubio the Hawk

National Review - 4/20/11
The Tea Party champion takes on isolationism.

Tea Partiers Optimistic on Balanced Budget Amendment

Christopher Bedford - 4/20/11

Believe conservatives have the momentum.

Is Sarah Palin Serious, or Just Looking for Attention?

The Daily Caller - 4/19/11
Some in the media doubt a true run for president.

Publishing Company Launches Tea Party E-Book Series

Daily Caller - 4/19/11

Plans to give voice to non-establishment leaders.

'10 Commandments' President?

CHQ Staff (Video) - 4/19/11
Roy Moore, known as the '10 Commandments Judge' forms presidential exploratory cmte.