Paul Ryan: A Good Man, But Not a Game Changer

If in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Governor Romney is signaling that he plans to make Obama's economy a centerpiece of his campaign -- then the selection is a good sign to conservatives that the campaign is headed in the right direction.

Romney Campaign Afraid of Tea Party Association CHQ Poll Finds

Half of CHQ poll respondents agreed that Sarah Palin has not been invited to speak simply because she's a small government constitutional conservative.

Sandy Adams – The Most Important Congressional Race in 2012

There’s only one way to change Washington’s culture of spend, borrow and tax and that is to defeat the Members of Congress, like John Mica, who have done the spending, the borrowing and the taxing.

Viguerie Launches Campaign Urging Gov. Romney to Pick Conservative VP

Contact Governor Romney’s campaign: call, write a letter, send an email – do whatever you can to let Governor Romney know you want him to win and you want a conservative for Vice President.

Obama Wins if This Keeps Up

Governor Romney needs to make the same kind of tough personnel decisions Reagan made when he shook-up his campaign in 1980 and bring people with a real background in the conservative movement into his campaign.

Club for Growth's Chocola Right -- This is the Wrong Time for Compromise

The premise that Congress is too polarized to get anything done is ridiculous. For years, Republicans and Democrats have collaborated to pass legislation that expands the reach of government with huge bipartisan margins, writes Chris Chocola.

CHQ Readers Evenly Split on Congressional “Recess”

50% said they feel safer when Congress is NOT in session, while a nearly equal percentage said it was outrageous that Congress would leave Washington without fulfilling basic constitutional responsibilities.

Conservative Unease With the Romney VP List is Growing

There are millions of independent and right-of-center voters who are disillusioned with business-as-usual in Washington. To attract their votes, Romney needs a running mate who is a small government constitutional conservative, not an establishment insider.

Baby Boomers are Nuts to Vote for Democrats

Baby Boomers are starting to figure out that their so-called "investment" in Social Security has a negative rate of return.

General David Petraeus for VP -- Patriot Yes, Conservative?

In Washington you may be known by the friends you keep, but General Petraeus’ close association with neo-conservative defense hawks doesn't automatically makes him a “conservative.”

Green Energy and Other Boondoggles Mean We Can’t Cut Defense

If the defense budget is to be cut (and it could be), then we can start with politically motivated boondoggles like mandatory "green energy" spending.

Obama & Bloomberg Lead the CHQ "Top Nanny" Poll

CHQ readers have no love for the “Nanny State” liberal politicians like President Barack Obama and New York May Michael Bloomberg are trying to impose on the rest of us.