Tea Party Mulls Ouster of GOP Leaders

Christian Science Monitor - 4/5/11
Tea Party leaders talk targeting Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor in 2012. (Video)

'Birthers' Boost Trump v Romney in NH

Politico - 4/5/11
New Hampshire survey of GOP voters finds Donald Trump close to Mitt Romney.

Ryan's 'Path to Prosperity' Visualized

CHQ Staff - 4/5/11
Rep. Paul Ryan's visual depiction of the "two futures" of America's economy.

South FL Tea Party Embraces Trump

CHQ Staff - 4/5/11
Trump to be keynote speaker at Tax Day Tea Party. Group claims Trump #1 in every poll.

Gov't Moves Closer to Shutdown

Fox News - 4/5/11
White House rejects one-week GOP spending bill sources tell Fox News.

DeMint: USA Needs Balanced Budget Amendment

The Examiner - 4/4/11
Unless forced to, the Left will never allow a balanced budget.

Stakes are High in WI Sup. Court Race

Wall St. Journal - 4/4/11
The election for a Wis. court seat will send a strong message about Gov. Walker's initiatives.

GOP Straw Poll Grows Tighter as First Debates Approach

Christopher Bedford - 4/4/11
CHQ's monthly straw poll of potential GOP nominees shows a much closer race.

CHQ Straw Poll Results

CHQ Straw Poll results for September

Ron Paul Wins CHQ September Straw Poll.

Top runners-up are Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain.

(See September Results)

Richard Viguerie endorses Phil Moffett for Kentucky Governor

CHQ Staff - 4/4/11
"Moffett won’t go along to get along.  He will fight for ordinary citizens against the career politicians."

End of Compassionate Conservatism

The New Republic - 4/1/11
The "compassionate conservatism" of George W. Bush may be at an end in the GOP.

Partisan Motives or Wasteful Spending?

Politico - 4/1/11
The GOP is going after spending on liberal pet causes, but critics call it "punishment."