CHQ Poll: Who will be the first to quit?

By Staff – 7/7/11
Our readers guess that Newt will be the first to quit the presidential race.  And judging from previous polls, they won’t be crying when that happens.

Tea Party Senators Force Reid To Focus On Spending, Debt and Deficit Crisis

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of – 7/6/11
Forcing Harry Reid to ditch the Fourth of July recess (to work on the debt crisis) is just the latest indication that the Tea Party can succeed in changing Washington.

Geo. Washington, Esq. wins CHQ poll

By Staff -- 7/6/11
George Washington is still first in the hearts of his countrymen, certainly with conservatives and Tea Party activists, as revealed by our CHQ Poll.

GOP attempts to co-opt Tea Party backfire

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of – 7/6/11
The good news is, the Tea Party shows no appetite so far for being co-opted. The bad news is, Republican headquarters is still located—physically and mentally—inside the Beltway.

CHQ Poll: Dire straits on the Fourth of July – 7/5/11
Tea Party activists and conservatives are fearful in Year 3 of Obama.

This Fourth of July, let’s declare America’s independence from debt!

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman,
This weekend let’s celebrate two Fourths of July—the one that declared our independence in 1776, and the present one that will restore our independence from debt!

Why the 4th of July doesn’t work on Democrats

By George Rasley -- Exclusive to – 7/1/11
A Harvard study confirms what you may have long suspected.

Paul wins June presidential straw poll

By – 7/1/11
In yet another shift of reader sentiment, Rep. Ron Paul won CHQ’s presidential straw poll in June, with a full 50% of the vote.  Michele Bachmann came in second.

CHQ Poll: Conservatives don’t scare easily on default

By – 7/1/11
Four out of five conservatives and Tea Party activists tell us the threats of default are just a scare story—and they’re not falling for it.

Conservatives overwhelmingly ‘fail’ the media – 6/30/11
Our CHQ Poll reveals the depth of conservative contempt for the media:  78% give it a grade of “F.”

CHQ Poll: Won’t you stay home, Chris Christie? – 6/29/11
A near majority of conservatives see no compelling reason for him to enlarge the presidential choices already available.

Over a thousand CHQ activists have signed the pledge!

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman,
Join them today! Get at least two of your friends to join. Together we can win the battle for fiscal sanity and survival!