CHQ Poll: Should Congress raise the debt ceiling?

By CHQ Staff -- 5/31/11
Tea Party conservatives are united in replying “No way!”

Look Who’s Calling Who a Nut

Richard A. Viguerie -- 5/28/11
Ruling Class folks like former Senator Alan Simpson have never liked principled, small-government conservatives.  We ruin their fun spending other people’s money.

CHQ Poll: No conflict between economic and social issues

CHQ Staff -- 5/29/11
Conservative activists overwhelmingly want candidates who are strong (and right) in both areas.

CHQ Poll: 3 ‘new’ faces capture Tea Party interest

CHQ Staff -- 5/30/11
Cain, Rubio, and Bachmann are the top conservative choices for Vice President if they fail to get the presidential nomination.

Richard Viguerie: GOP can’t reform entitlements from the House

Richard A. Viguerie -- 5/26/11
There’s an old maxim in marketing:  You can’t sell what people aren’t already willing to buy.  Today, the majority of Americans don’t know that entitlement programs will bankrupt the country.

Mitch Daniels appointee: A judicial activist against the Bill of Rights

By Mark J. Fitzgibbons – 5/26/11
Big-government judges are a danger to freedom.  We need politicians who will appoint good judges.

A disturbing court decision in Indiana

By Mark J. Fitzgibbons – 5/25/11
Big-government judges are a danger to freedom.  We need politicians who will appoint good judges.

CHQ Poll: Go West, Sarah Palin

CHQ Staff -- 5/25/11
Conservative activists want her to run for the Senate from Arizona in 2012.  Leave the presidency for 2016.

CHQ Poll: Conservatives not dismayed by GOP dropouts

CHQ Staff -- 5/24/11
Tea Party conservatives say good riddance to Daniels, Huckabee, Barbour, Trump.  They were not principled conservatives and that is what we demand.

Mitt Romney’s money cannot buy conservatives’ votes

CHQ Staff -- 5/23/11
The former governor of Massachusetts is having no difficulty raising millions from Establishment Republican fat-cats, but 91% of our voters say that won’t get him the nomination.  It’s a new ball game now, with the Tea Party in the picture.

CHQ Poll: Conservatives agree with DeMint’s hard-line stance on debt limit

CHQ Staff -- 5/20/11
Senator Jim DeMint is unequivocal: no raising of the debt ceiling until we have first passed a balanced budget amendment.  Conservatives agree—overwhelmingly so.

Four out of five conservatives say Newt just killed his presidential chances

CHQ Staff - 5/18/11
Gingrich's Sunday comments against Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan have infuriated the Right.