Missed Chance to Defund Obamacare

CNSNews.com - 4/11/11
Steve King says the GOP missed a chance to defund Obamacare in Boehner's budget deal.

Republicans Look for More 2012 Options

Politico - 4/11/11
Congressional Republicans are not impressed with the current crop of candidates.

Boehner Pushes for Stopgap Spending Bill

The Daily Caller  - 4/8/11
Presses Obama & Reid to avert shutdown.

A GOP-Tea Party Split: Is This It?

Christopher Bedford - 4/8/11
The future of the uneasy GOP-Tea Party alliance may well be decided today.

"I Connect With People b/c I'm Smart"

CHQ Staff - 4/7/11
Billionaire Donald Trump is very candid in an interview with the Today Show. (Video)

GOP Not Leaving Town Without Deal

CHQ Staff - 4/7/11
Majority Leader Eric Cantor pledged to keep GOP in DC if budget deal not met. (Video)

Time to Pick a Fight - Shut it Down

CHQ Staff- 4/7/11
Rep. Mike Pence speaks to a crowd in DC Wednesday. Click for video of full comments.

CHQ Exclusive: Passions High at Cut Spending Rally

Adam Cassandra - 4/7/11
Mike Pence says it's time to "pick a fight." Crowd questions GOP leadership's resolve.

Glenn Beck to Leave Fox News

The New York Times - 4/6/11

The specific date of departure has not been announced.

Wisconsin Union Vote too Close to Call

Politico - 4/6/11

Vote for State Supreme Court a referendum on Scott Walker.

Will Boehner Sell Out for $40 Billion?

Politico - 4/5/11
New "compromise" on the table is less than half the "Pledge."