Likely Democratic Candidate to Succeed Dodd Received A+ Rating From ACORN

In a September, 2009 article for American Thinker, Mark J. Fitzgibbons pointed out that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal was one of only six Attorneys General to receive a grade of A+ from ACORN. Blumenthal is now considered to be the front runner to secure the Democratic nomination to succeed retiring Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd in November 2010.

In Connecticut, at least, it appears the acorns don't fall far from the tree.

Fitzibbons' article can be read here.

Pat Buchanan: The battle for the GOP will boil down to the Tea Party vs. War Party

American Conservative – Pat Buchanan agrees with Richard Viguerie that there will be a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party after November’s elections, and the fight will essentially boil down to those conservatives who are willing to reduce America’s military empire versus those in the neoconservative wing who want to expand it.

Richard Viguerie is Keynote Speaker for Tea Party Group; Cautions Against Forming a Third Political Party

Richard A. Viguerie praised the Tea Party movement for providing new energy to conservative grassroots throughout the nation at the January 29 meeting of the Leadership Tea Party.

It's the primaries, stupid!

Listen to Richard Viguerie interview today on Mark Davis' radio program on WBAP Radio in Dallas here.

Richard Viguerie urges Republican National Committee to reject litmus tests for candidates

"The problem the GOP faces is not so much with Republicans in Name Only (RINO) as it is with the current leadership," says Richard Viguerie concerning the proposal being considered by the Republican National Committee that would deny funding to candidates who did not meet political litmus tests on various issues.

Richard Viguerie: President's Proposal to Freeze Spending is Obama Obfuscation

 “President Obama’s expected announcement that he would support a freeze on non-security spending is another Obama obfuscation," says Richard Viguerie following President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Today's Supreme Court decision: Good Riddance to Incumbent-Protection Censorship; Hello Insurgents

Today’s Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case means that the anti-incumbent furor that has been growing is partly released from the shackles created by ‘incumbent protection’ election and campaign finance laws.

Scott Brown victory a reflection that grassroots support for conservative candidates and organizations at historic highs

Americans are furious, angry, and frightened at the political establishment’s massive expansion of government in the last 10 years.  No big-government incumbent should feel safe in the 2010 primaries. And as Massachusetts voters showed, that applies in the bluest of blue states.

Richard Viguerie: Scott Brown victory a reflection that grassroots support for conservative candidates and organizations at historic highs

Richard Viguerie says that the Scott Brown victory indicates that "Massachusetts voters sent a message that will encourage conservatives to challenge Republicans in Name Only (RINO)."

Massachusetts Senate Vote is a Victory for New Conservative Leaders; Big Government Republicans should not take comfort--they will be next

Scott Brown’s election to the Senate is another example of the energy and passion that has been brought to the Republican Party in the past year by new conservative leaders.Brown’s victory would not have happened without the leadership of Tea Party activists, talk show hosts, bloggers, and others using the Internet.

Voters in a Foul Mood: President Obama taking Democrats off a cliff

In Tuesday’s (January 19, 2010) special election to fill the Senate seat formerly occupied by the late Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts voters are adding their voices to those from Virginia and New Jersey voters.

Call anyone you know in Massachusetts and urge them to vote tomorrow!

As you probably know, there is a special election in Massachusetts this Tuesday to fill the Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. What you may not have thought about is you can help send a message to every politician in every town, city, county, state, as well as Washington, DC on Tuesday – even if you don’t live in Massachusetts.