‘Conversations’ Favored Over Debates

Conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll that they favor “conversations” with presidential candidates rather than debates as a way to learn about their beliefs.

Why Conservatives Deserve to Lose in 2012

David Franke was a founder of the conservative movement in the late 1950s. This is a sequel to his previous article, “The Conservative Horse Race at Mid-Point.”

CHQ Poll: Boycott Liberal Hollywood!

Conservative and Tea Party activists don’t believe in subsidizing leftist stars.

Occupy Wall Street – Welcome to America Without the Constitution

Obama’s use of the federal government to achieve “fairness” and his sympathy for the protester’s “frustration” shows he is not interested in protecting constitutional property rights.

Steve Jobs’ Conservative Legacy

Steve Jobs empowered us as individuals to choose our own workplace, choose our own music, receive our information unfiltered and to be less subject to the demands of the collective.

Values Voter Summit Final – Ron Paul, the Reluctant ‘King’

Ron Paul prevailed in the 2011 Values Voter Summit straw poll by a wide margin, and seems to be taking all the attention in stride.

Values Voter Summit, Part Four – Paul Trumps the Establishment, Again

Ron Paul doesn’t get much respect from the elites in the Republican Party, but the people sure loved him a lot more than Mitt Romney on Saturday morning.

Values Voter Summit, Part Three – Star(s) On the Rise

Friday night’s Values Voter Summit speakers included one passionate presidential candidate – and a couple others who may give it a try in the future.

Values Voter Summit, Part Two – Make Way for the Cain Train

After Herman Cain stole the show during the afternoon session of the Values Voter Summit, it’s easy to see why his voter stock is rising -- rapidly.

Bohannon, Viguerie and The Law That Governs Government

Richard Viguerie appeared on the Jim Bohannon Show to discuss The Law That Governs Government -- and here's the entire conversation.

Values Voter Summit, Part One – Enter Santorum, Culture Warrior

The 2011 Values Voter Summit got underway Friday morning, with presidential candidate Rick Santorum saving the best for last.

The Conservative Horse Race at Mid-Point

Or, one thoroughbred, one wild stallion, and a bunch of mules.