Viguerie and Allen: It’s time for the Tea Party to take over the GOP

Richard Viguerie and Steve Allen write that last week’s elections proved that the Republican Party (and the conservative movement) is alive and well.

Your signature can help pressure House GOP leaders to remain neutral

The petition asks Boehner and Cantor to keep "hands off" the Majority Leader race. Go here right now to sign the petition.

Term limit the Speakership

One of the best protections for the gains conservatives have made is to place a term limit on the Speaker position in Congress.

Election winners, losers, and irrelevants

On Nov. 2, 2010, conservatives stormed the gates of the political establishment and tossed out America's ruling class.

Viguerie: Republican Party is on probation

The last time the Republicans were in charge, they became the party of big spending, Big Government, and Big Business.  

Viguerie: Wednesday afternoon, the fight for the future begins

This year, members of the Tea Party movement provided almost all the excitement and energy, and 90% of the grassroots volunteers and small contributions that made a Republican victory possible. Now, Tea Partiers have the power and the responsibility to rebuild the GOP into a party that represents mainstream working-class and small-business-class Americans.  

Viguerie's Bold Election Predictions

Richard Viguerie makes his guess as to how tomorrow's election will shape up for Republicans. "When all the votes have been counted for the Nov. 2nd election, a high percentage of principled conservatives will have won," says Viguerie. "And it happened because of you."

We need to end federal funding of National Public Radio

I've launched a “Petition of One Million American Taxpayers to End Federal Funding of National Public Radio (NPR).”

The online petition states that “with an almost uncountable number of news and public affairs programs throughout the nation, there is no justification for taxpayers money being used to fund a government radio network.”

In an e-mail message sent to conservative activists, I cited NPR’s firing of commentator Juan Williams because Williams told the Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly that persons in Muslim garb on airplanes make him nervous.

Viguerie Launches Petition, With a Goal of a Million Names, to End Federal Funding of National Public Radio (NPR)

Why are taxpayers still funding ultra-liberal NPR? has launched a petition to get 1,000,000 signatures calling on Congress to defund NPR.

Viguerie versus Parker Spitzer, Round 1: Dancing with the czars

CHQ chairman Richard Viguerie appeared on CNN’s Parker Spitzer show last night to explain, among other things, why their show won’t help CNN’s plummeting ratings. It is, after all, just more liberal perspective in a liberal media world, but our country is center-right.

Tea partying past George Allen

The Virginia tea party convention last weekend was the largest tea party gathering to date. It’s a sign that the constitutional small-government movement is getting more traction, and that the big action — even on federal issues and races — is likely to be at the state level.