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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Liberals still trying to milk racism out of Charlottesville a year later

The establishment media loves anniversaries, particularly those that make someone or something they despise appear weak or enfeebled.

Such was the case last weekend when Sunday marked the one-year point since violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, the result of a clash between human white supremacist trash and any black hooded Counter protestmob-building hater material the left could muster at the time. In case you’ve forgotten a woman was tragically killed when one of the deranged white scumbags drove his car into a crowd of “counter demonstrators.” Two Virginia State troopers also died in a helicopter crash that was somewhat unrelated to the violence on the ground.

For those with short memories there was a media rush to blame President Donald Trump for the melee – not because he was there (he wasn’t) but for the “atmosphere” the outsider president had supposedly created in this country since launching his political career. Trump’s initial reaction to the occurrences was to place blame on both sides, a common-sense proposition that in normal times would bring nods of acceptance from an American people in shock from the heartbreak.

But these weren’t normal times. They’re still not.

Race always seems to be the word for the obsessed establishment media, but particularly so where the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville was concerned. Trump’s attackers have long memories, and they believe what they want regardless of facts. Niall Stanage wrote at The Hill, “To Trump’s critics, regardless of race, such [positive black unemployment] numbers mean little in the context of the president’s words.

“Cornel West, the prominent black intellectual and a Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard, told The Hill that Trump was prone to ‘vicious racist attacks’ even as he was also ‘an equal opportunity gangster’ who was as willing to attack white female critics in misogynistic terms as he was to attack black opponents. West took the long view in terms of Trump’s effect on race relations, however.

“’We have been here before,’ he said. ‘This is as American as it comes. There has always been the worst of America, there has always been the best of America, and we swing back and forth. ‘Donald Trump is as American as cherry pie. Martin Luther King is as American as cherry pie,’ West continued. ‘The question is which America will win. Right now, the Martin Luther King wing is losing — but we will bounce back.’”

Stanage’s article presented a fairly balanced view of Trump and racism, offering quotes and arguments from both sides of the spectrum (including former senior advisor Steven Bannon) on the president’s personal philosophies and true beliefs on the subject. As would be expected Trump’s backers reiterated that there’s absolutely no racial prejudices to be found anywhere near the man and his opponents see him as basically the second coming of Simon Legree (the infamous plantation owner in Uncle Tom’s Cabin).

There’s really no way to prove either side’s assertions, except by examining Trump’s statements and the objective facts. The “vicious attacks” West spoke of above are non-existent except for those who choose to hear something that the president never even said. While it’s true Trump did suggest there were “very fine people” on both sides of the Charlottesville controversy he was likely commenting on the origin of the dispute itself – not the filth brawling in the streets – namely, whether to keep the statue of Confederate hero Robert E. Lee occupying its prominent public place in the city.

(As a side note, many of the same people who wanted to take down the Lee statue later suggested memorials to slave-owning founding father Thomas Jefferson needed to go too.)

The whole affair began when white rights groups applied for and were granted legal permits to hold a march in and around the city – of course they favored keeping the statue in place. You don’t have to put stock in their sinister motivations to agree with the principle that historical monuments have value for something other than what the leftists claim they do. The left wanted the Lee statue removed because it allegedly represents championing “racism” or something like that (R. E. Lee’s wife, a descendant of Martha Washington, owned slaves – but Lee personally wasn’t a big supporter of the institution).

To rehash, on the day of the clash the police pulled back, apparently at the behest of Virginia’s Democrat leaders, virtually guaranteeing the two sides would come into contact with each other. It was yet another irresponsible decision by liberals that led to tragedy – where is the media in reporting the truth?

Trump got wrapped up in the media scrum simply because he didn’t immediately condemn only the white-haters, something liberals felt was essential to demonstrating he was tuned-in to the racial sensitivity they demand from everyone – especially Republicans (who are automatically assumed to be racists because, well, they’re not Democrats). Many of us thought Trump was perfectly clear in his condemnations, including of the leftist garbage that initiated the actual violence.

Perhaps to stave off criticism Trump was perfectly clear ahead of this year’s anniversary. Diana Stancy Correll reported at the Washington Examiner, “President Trump denounced ‘all types of racism’ and violence Saturday, comments that come ahead of the anniversary of the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

“’The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division,’ Trump tweeted Saturday morning. ‘We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!’ ...

“Trump signed a resolution in September 2017 that condemns white nationalists and supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups. It also encouraged the executive branch and the administration to address the threat of these groups.”

It wasn’t immediately apparent what the reaction was to Trump’s message condemning all racism but leftists no doubt felt it wasn’t strong enough in the white haters’ direction. Even last September’s resolution didn’t seem to buy much goodwill from people like West (above). What else would you expect? If the left doesn’t shout racism, what else do they have?

Many a Democrat politician has bought himself (or herself) trouble by declaring that “ALL lives matter,” which race-baiting leftists assert is an affront to the overtly racist “Black Lives Matter” movement. So when Trump says all racism is bad, to them, he’s actually taking sides with the whiteys again.

That’s how stupid all of this is. For a country that’s having a difficult enough time deciding what true racism really is, the left’s posturing and pontificating isn’t doing anyone any good. The average person one, does not journey to Charlottesville or Washington to march in favor or against “white rights” and two, likely doesn’t even know this type of thing exists but for the back-and-forth they hear or read about in the news.

Most people are busy working and earning a living, toiling at diverse workplaces that include plenty of representatives (or customers) from every race, religion and culture. Our teenagers learn about life in high school classrooms and locker rooms where kids from different socio-economic backgrounds are all around. Sooner or later everyone discovers we’re really not all that different on the individual level – it’s the crapola that’s pounded into young heads by adults and so-called cultural leaders that turns otherwise good people into hater-animals.

It’s often said a dog has to be taught to be aggressive (it’s not in their pack mentality) – it’s the same for human beings. I don’t see many preschoolers calling each other racist epithets. I’ve never heard a five-year-old claim only “black lives matter” either. No, they get those influences from home, the playground, the media…or leftist teachers. Why do you think college is so useless these days?

It turns out leftist professors take their bias to work with them too. Toni Airaksinen reported at PJ Media, “A study by a University of North Texas professor [George Yancey] has discovered that members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) are the most likely to be discriminated against if they apply for a job in academia…

“’Assume that your faculty is hiring a new professor,’ began his survey, taken by 435 sociology professors in the United States. ‘If you were able to learn of [their political group memberships], would that make you more or less likely to support their hire?’…

“Of all political affiliations, NRA membership was ranked as the most likely to hurt an aspiring professor’s chance of getting hired, with 41.2 percent conceding that it would ‘damage’ an applicant’s chance of getting hired. NRA members fared even worse than Republicans. Only 28.7 percent of professors indicated that Republican Party membership would damage a candidate's chance of being hired, according to Yancey’s research.”

Only 28.7 percent? Let’s get this straight – nearly three in ten college professors would potentially bar Republicans from getting a job in their department and that’s considered good? What if the same percentage of white male professors indicated being a minority and female would “damage” their chances of being hired? The politically correct world would explode.

But it’s apparently acceptable to discriminate against people who are perceived to be conservatives (NRA adherents) or members of one of the two major political parties in America. This mindset is clearly responsible for the tolerance shown radical leftist groups like Antifa and the violence and utter law-breaking the black hooded thugs get away with all across the country.

At the same time Yancey offered some advice for applicants hoping to get a job from a professor: “Aspiring professors ‘who are members of the Democratic Party and the ACLU should trumpet those facts during their interviews. Those who are conservative religious and politically should hide,’ he explained.”

Better glance over those resumes, people. Expunge every reference to anything that could possibly be interpreted as conservative if you hope to receive consideration for hiring. That means eliminate any mentions of church, conservative social organizations or sports that might suggest you’re a Republican. If you have a “hobbies” section on your resume, be sure to delete the “golf” part of it – there’s too much suggestion of all white male country club membership. Bad.

It goes without mentioning that popular entertainment culture spreads the disease as well. Why are Hollywood and New York elites able to get away with discrimination? Libertarian Kristin Tate wrote at The Hill, “The fight over Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a microcosm for the insanity taking over American politics...

“Trump’s biggest supposed crime is unlike any of the litany of charges against Hollywood executives and prominent figures. It is being a successful Republican. When Trump hosted fundraisers for Democrats, and the public was already aware of his behavior, he was deserving of a Hollywood star. Now, he is persona non grata. If the argument is that Trump is not a nice person, how much has changed since 2007 that made him acceptable then but unacceptable now? Has any revelation about Trump emerged since then, except for his political affiliation? ...

“Our solution to partisan disagreements should certainly not be a Stalinesque removal of all memories of political opponents. Such efforts show that the whitewashers are exactly what they accuse the president of being. The radical efforts of ‘damnatio memoriae’ only increase the profile of the censored and showcase the inner tyrants of the left.”

Tate makes an excellent point. The Trump Hollywood star-removal controversy isn’t all that apart from the conflict over ridding our culture of unpleasant reminders of America’s slaveholding past. Realities of the present won’t change what happened decades – or centuries – ago. People in those times were raised with different beliefs and values and it’s not fair to judge them based on contemporary notions of “correctness.”

It's a form of retroactive thought-control only a leftist would dream up. Give them a rope long enough and liberals will hang it around the necks of just about anyone who represents (or represented) something they loathe – particularly the purveyors of liberty, individual freedoms and God-given property rights. Such things are dangerous to those who seek governance by an elite few who “get it” in the racial and political sense.

The anniversary of last year’s Charlottesville incident came and went, but liberals shouldn’t fret – there’ll be another one next year. Leftists need every possible reminder of their sinister causes they can get – and they’ll use them too. It’s all part of the ongoing battle for control of American culture.

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