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Assault on America, Day 167: It’s official, Trump is running in 2020 -- he’s in it to win it

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Glancing at the calendar, today’s date wouldn’t necessarily leap out at you as consequential in your life or in American history, but if President Donald Trump wins a second term next November, many people will look back at June 18, 2019 as the day he officially made it possible.

Tonight President Trump will launch his 2020 reelection campaign, which is a bit ironic since he's frequently held rallies ever since reciting the oath of office in January two years ago. In characteristic Trump-ian style, the show will be an event of epic scale and magnitude. Naturally, Trump couldn’t/wouldn’t contain his excitement in the lead-up. Rebecca Klar reported last week at The Hill, “President Trump … bragged about the high ticket demand for his upcoming Florida rally, saying it looks to be the ‘hottest’ ticket out of all his campaign events.

“In a tweet, the president said the June 18 event in Orlando, where he will officially launch his 2020 campaign, already has 74,000 requests for the 20,000-seat arena.

“’With all of the big events that we have done, this ticket looks to be the 'hottest' of them all. See you in Florida!’ he tweeted [last week] … Trump said he will be joined by first lady Melania Trump, Vice President Pence and second lady Karen Pence at Orlando's Amway Center.”

Hmm. Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, the place where dreams come true. As if the central Florida city’s traffic problems could get any worse, add a hundred thousand passionate Trump enthusiasts converging on a 20,000 seat arena and it could be pandemonium. But seeing as it’s a crowd full of law-abiding, Second Amendment revering, liberty-loving Trump backers, there won’t be any problems with unruliness and mayhem (unless you factor in the leftist freaks and goons paid to disrupt the festivities).

The “official” campaign launch comes almost four years to the day after Trump announced his first run for political office at any level, so it’s fitting he chose this way to do it again. Four years is a presidential term, which means Trump’s now dominated the American political scene for the same length of time it takes a chief executive to complete an administration. How’s that for a dose of perspective? There must be a tally somewhere on the total number of hours the media’s focused/obsessed on Trump and a dollar value on the “free” attention (negative or otherwise) he’s earned.

The only thing missing from tonight’s extravaganza will be a perfunctory ride down an escalator to add a showman’s touch to the occasion -- but you never know, maybe Trump will reenact his initial entrance for old time’s sake.

Of course this formal campaign say-so seems anti-climactic. Trump announced his intention to seek a second term well over a year ago and already has a full-fledged operation in place complete with a campaign manager and staff performing the day-to-day tasks of any major political machine. Fundraising is healthy and clearly, money won’t be a problem when the need arises. And the two-dozen or so Democrats seeking their party’s nomination expected Trump to be their opponent.

What if the president suddenly said he was only kidding and decided against another run? Every Democrat would instantly lose their reason for being. Nancy Pelosi would drivel more than usual at her weekly press events, not quite knowing what to talk about when not digging at Trump or suggesting he should be behind bars. “Chucky” Schumer might even cry in front of the cameras again. The media would lose interest in the House Democrats’ Trump investigations and start chastising all Republicans the same way they did before Trump entered the scene.

The vast majority of Republicans are united behind Trump, assuring his reelection prospects remain strong. Despite recent polls hinting at weakness, Trump’s still considered the heavy favorite to win again. Mollie Hemingway wrote at The Federalist, “The Resistance was certain that Trump would be subject to a party primary, and some worked very hard to find a legitimate candidate to primary him. … Instead of a legitimate candidate, they have found Bill Weld, a former Massachusetts governor and the 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee. Everyone knows that his candidacy is not serious, and certainly not a serious threat.

“Nothing has turned out the way the Resistance had hoped. Far from their fever dreams of global chaos and economic catastrophe, the Trump agenda is turning out to be surprisingly successful, whether in economic invigoration or repositioning with China. The Republican Party is, despite all the best efforts of its fervent opponents, united. The media do not want to report these fundamental issues, choosing instead to claim, as per usual, that Trump is in ‘crisis.’”

The media wishes Trump was in crisis. The only thing his enemies have to rely on are polls in certain states showing people would favor a host of Democrats over Trump if the election were held today. The problem is, Americans aren’t voting today (not even early voting!) and a million things could happen between now and Election Day. As Trump backers repeatedly point out, the president’s had a pretty good run lately, starting with the economy’s continuing strong numbers. Then there was Trump’s recent trip to visit the queen in Great Britain and his Reaganesque address commemorating the 75th anniversary of the allied landing at Normandy, France.

In his campaign’s early days, Trump’s critics complained about his supposedly un-presidential behavior and how they couldn’t imagine the lifelong tabloid entertainer and rich-guy billionaire fitting in on the stodgy and formal world stage when called upon to speak sweetly of foreign dignitaries and negotiate with heads of state. Those fears are long gone now, as Trump’s talent for establishing personal relationships and pouring sugar in all the right ears has resulted in improved relations in just about every corner of the globe.

Trump says something and then he does it. He’ll take jabs via Twitter but face-to-face he’s been the perfect “presidential” gentleman. Presidential-is-as-presidential-does is the new mantra.

In addition, Trump’s demonstrated disposition to raise uncomfortable questions his predecessors shied away from -- like asking NATO partners to step up and pay their fair share or America might stop shouldering the security load -- and willingness to act where before there was only hesitation, has shown him to be a leader not to be trifled with. The United States embassy is in Jerusalem today because Trump made a promise and kept it. And our relationship with Mexico is stronger than ever because Mexican leaders understand Trump will follow up if they don’t do their part to quell illegal immigration.

Yes, North Korea still has its nukes and China shows few signs of relinquishing its cheating, intellectual property-stealing ways; Iran threatens in the Middle East and relations with the European Union’s elites are less than warm and fuzzy, but the world is changing and Trump is addressing today’s issues instead of relying on precedents and “the way it’s always been done.”

Here's thinking American voters will see it this way when the time comes. The campaign is only starting.

That’s not to claim everything’s peachy in Republican-land these days. Michigan Rep. Justin Amash went rogue recently and instantly became the new figurehead for an ever-shrinking #NeverTrump contingent, arguing Robert Mueller’s report justified impeaching Trump. Now Amash hints he might even run against Trump next year. Scott Wong reported at The Hill, “Rep. Justin Amash, the lone Republican in Congress to call for President Trump’s impeachment, says he has no desire to play ‘spoiler’ if he launches a third-party bid against Trump in 2020...

“’I haven’t ruled anything out,’ Amash replied when asked if he’s made a decision about a possible presidential bid.

“But if he does run, some of his GOP colleagues worry that the five-term Libertarian-leaning congressman from Grand Rapids could siphon tens of thousands of votes away from Trump…”

As would be expected, Amash’s friends and associates diverge on whether the Michigan libertarian is serious about such a thing. Amash insists he would only do so to win -- and there’s a less than zero chance a congressman with no national profile would prevail as an independent. He wouldn’t have any greater luck as candidate for the Libertarian Party either.

All Amash is doing is further tarnishing what was once a fine career as a respected principled legislator and co-founder of the vaunted House Freedom Caucus. Now he’s a lone wolf finding shelter in nobody’s political camp. Do you think Nancy Pelosi wants to start hanging out with him just because he said Trump deserved to be impeached?

To his credit, Amash has never cared about being a party pariah. But if he ran next year, he’d have an awful lot of people mad at him… and no friends.

President Trump officially launches his 2020 campaign tonight. As they’ve done throughout his four-year political career, the media will feed off of the interest the event generates, then bash him relentlessly afterwards. Trump won’t care -- he and his tens of thousands of backers will have the time of their lives.

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