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Assault on America, Day 406: NH greases Bernie’s socialist wheel, establishment fumes

New Hampshire results
The New Hampshire votes are in and the final totals are: Bernie Sanders 25.7, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg 24.4, Amy Klobuchar 19.8, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren 9.3 and Joe Biden…8.4.

In winning The Granite State’s Democrat primary for the second time, Bernie becomes the most successful Sanders since “Colonel” Harland Sanders launched his (eventual) worldwide chicken chain in the early 1950’s. Harland grew discouraged with the quality of his product under new ownership after he’d sold his rights… will Democrats be similarly discouraged with the new direction of their party?

No doubt the “Bernie Bros” will add a little “original recipe” spice to their victory dances and enjoy the moment for a day or two, but then reality will strike and they’ll realize there’s still a long way to go before the big prize winner is determined. As is usually the case, it isn’t so much who wins the early states as who loses in them. And the big loser on Tuesday night was Joe Biden (note: Biden bailed on his campaign staff early, an ominous sign).

The longtime Democrat national frontrunner will have a heck of a time explaining his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, one slot worse than his dismal Iowa performance from a week before. Imagine you were a staffer in Tom Perez’s Democrat National Committee offices as you watched the voting returns trickle across the screen. All your dreams melted right before your eyes like a snow cone in a climate change ravaged inland California valley. It must’ve been ugly, folks.

Here’s a theory regarding Biden’s badly failing candidacy you won’t get from the mainstream establishment media: Democrats have always liked Joe personally and probably still do, but to continue to support him for president takes away one of their prime arguments against Trump. If indeed it’s a problem for the sensitive elite set that Trump’s behavior is, gasp, “unpresidential,” then what good would it do to replace the New York lout with a Delaware politician who’s just as direct, brash and insulting as Trump?

Yes, you heard it here. It took about a year, but Democrat voters finally recognized that phony tough guy-brawler act Biden is peddling isn’t presidential at all. Despite all the mountains of adoring media crapola about him being “Uncle Joe” and a back-slappin’, hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’ good guy, in reality he's just a compromised and corrupt old establishment grouch who’s combative, mean and often borderline unruly whenever he’s challenged on anything from his past -- or his family. Shine the spotlight on him long enough and Joe probably scoffs at orphans and kicks puppies when they seek comfort.

Some of Joe’s faux pas could be excused due to fatigue or campaign tedium, but when you’re running for president you must be on your game 24/7. Isn’t that what “presidential” means? Can you imagine Ronald Reagan ever ripping into a college student like Joe did this week?

One slip-up can prove fatal to any campaign. A half-dozen or more “senior moments” just adds fuel to an already raging inferno burning at the core of Biden’s presidential run.

Calling a young twenty-something a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” is about as insulting as you get as a political candidate, especially one who claims his forte is “restoring the soul of the nation” that Trump allegedly stole. If Democrats and #NeverTrumpers claim they can’t stand Trump because he's malicious and hot-tempered -- and then promote Biden and his demonstrated proclivity to insult people -- it wouldn’t help matters, would it? At least Trump doesn’t go after anyone until they attack him first. Biden is showing a callous streak that’s inexplicable and never seems far away from boiling over.

Only a hypocrite would complain about Trump and then in the next breath defend Biden’s energizer-bunny powered gaffe machine, otherwise known as his mouth. For those results-oriented conservatives and Republicans who might still harbor doubts about Trump’s tweets and personal decorum, Biden represents two birds of the same feather, a man who wouldn’t “dignify” the White House and couldn’t be trusted to “behave” in front of the world, right?

Lest one forget, a few months ago Biden called an 83 year-old retired Iowa farmer (who’d asked about son Hunter’s role in Ukraine and then questioned Joe’s age) a “damn liar” and then implied the man was overweight and out-of-shape by challenging him to a push-up contest. News flash Joe: You can have your own version of the truth within the confines of your skull but the average citizen doesn’t take well to being called “dog-faced” or a “damn liar.”

The luster’s off Biden’s balding scalp now and voters in Iowa and New Hampshire clearly looked for a way to exit the sputtering “No Malarkey” Biden train -- and it appears they’ve settled on Buttigieg as their main alternative, which again underscores how shallow this year’s Democrat presidential field is. The former mayor of a medium sized midwestern city isn’t qualified to manage a heavily populated county much less the entirety of the United States.

And make no mistake, Pete Buttigieg is no “moderate,” a fact people should discover once more information on the pol’s platform reaches the light of day (if ever). David Sherfinski and S.A. Miller reported at The Washington Times the other day, “Pete Buttigieg emerged as a front-runner in the Democratic presidential race by running as a middle-of-the-road liberal, but his policies — including near-unlimited abortion rights and spending plans that could make former President Barack Obama blush — don’t always fit neatly into the moderate lane.

“He declared that confiscating military-style rifles would go too far, but he advocates licensing every firearm owner, which Second Amendment advocates view as a step toward confiscation. He stops short of the far-left’s ‘Medicare-for-All’ government takeover of health care, but he offers a public option that his campaign acknowledges sets the stage for a single-payer system.

“He talks about tackling federal deficits and debt but offers a liberal policy solution of tax increases on the wealthy and carbon emissions that some analysts warn would blunt economic growth. He said decriminalizing border jumpers is a bridge too far. Instead, he proposed a massive expansion of legal immigration, a path to citizenship and more government services for illegal immigrants, and a cutback on the list of offenses that result in deportation.”

Yeah, real “moderate,” isn’t it? But Sanders has dragged the party so far left that even so-called “centrist” Democrat positions are in actuality very, very, liberal today. If you don’t believe it go back to the 2008 Democrat campaign and listen to what Big O, Crooked Hill and most of the others were talking about. Only kooky Rep. Dennis Kucinich (a former mayor himself, of Cleveland, Ohio) was really “out there” back then, but now all Democrats are in the Kucinich mold, including Buttigieg.

Seriously, take a look at Kucinich’s platform and see how his crazy proposals are now mainstream in the Democrat party. According to Wikipedia, Kucinich favored (among other things):

“Creating a single-payer system of universal health care that provides full coverage for all Americans by passage of the United States National Health Care Act… Guaranteed quality education for all; including free pre-kindergarten and college for all who want it… Environmental renewal and clean energy… Preventing the privatization of social security… Creating a cabinet-level ‘Department of Peace’… Ending the War on Drugs… Legalizing same-sex marriage… Lowering the voting age to 16 and the drinking age to 18… Strengthening gun control, and, Legalizing medicinal marijuana and decriminalizing non-medical possession.”

Most Democrats considered Kucinich a fringe candidate in his day, but he’d fit in well now, wouldn’t he? Must be something about mayors from rustbelt cities and extreme liberalism. But Buttigieg won’t be able to hide behind his “moderate” label for long, especially if he somehow manages to emerge from the pack as the Washington status quo establishment’s choice. Once all the attention is concentrated on him and Sanders, watch out.

But here’s also thinking it’ll take a while for the Democrat field to narrow, since there’s so little incentive for clearly defeated candidates to bow out in today’s political environment (though Andrew Yang and Sen. Michael Bennett did officially leave the race Tuesday). Perhaps taking John Kasich’s 2016 GOP example into account, presidential dreamers stay in the race until they get bored with it -- and if there’s at least a bare minimum of support, they’ll stick it out until it’s embarrassing (and then some). Convention delegates? Who needs ‘em as long as there’s an MSNBC or CNN host willing to paste your mug onscreen on Sunday morning talk shows and loft you softball questions about how you stack-up against the other candidates.

The Democrat candidates see how their race has fluctuated back and forth and the last thing they want to do is get out before they’ve had their moment as the media’s temporary favorite. The also-rans will drink the Kool-Aid about a brokered convention and they’ll hang around to watch the Bernie people do battle with the anti-Bernie factions with eyes fixed in hopes of swooping in like a bird of prey to snatch a fish from a placid lake (in this instance, the party nomination).

In other words, New Hampshire likely didn’t solve anything. Political watchers cheer the prospect of a long drawn out campaign as President Trump enjoys the spectacle from his comfortable perch in the White House’s living quarters. Politics isn’t all drudgery, is it?

At the same time, the Democrat establishment is 100 percent responsible for the implosion of the credible “moderates” this year. When Rep. Tulsi Gabbard drew attention and recognition for her reasoned tone during the early Democrat debates, they chastised her and did everything in their power to keep the Hawaiian native from succeeding. Old washed-up dinosaur Chardonnay-swilling hag Hillary Clinton even called Gabbard a “Russian plant” and insinuated that the Bernie Sanders supporting (in 2016) proven liberal was in the tank for Trump and the Republicans and therefore, saying anything that contravened the boilerplate Democrat common wisdom was cause for suspicion.

But now that Biden’s candidacy is a shell of its former self -- or more likely was an illusion all along -- the blue bloods are stuck with leaning on a boyish, resume-less no-name for a standard-bearer to battle Bernie to the end. And with this week’s revelations of Michael Bloomberg’s “stop and frisk” skeletons, don’t expect African-American voters to save the Democrat higher-ups by leaping away from Biden to reside at the former New York city mayor’s side.

What a mess. The New Hampshire Democrat primary went absolutely as predicted. Sanders comes away with the undisputed win he was deprived of in Iowa and the “moderates” are left wondering what a Bernie-bro fueled fall candidacy might look like. Donald Trump won the day without even being on the ballot -- again.

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