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CHQ Reader Comments: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden is No Patriot

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden is No Patriot

Even though NSA leaker Edward Snowden got a hero’s welcome from some readers of, not everyone bought the idea Snowden is a hero. As one reader put it, the constitutional way of handling this kind of issue is through those in Congress who have oversight.  That's why we have three divisions in our government--executive, legislative, and judicial.  The way not to do it is to blab top secret content all over the front pages of the world.  To have your ideas and opinions on the issues raised NSAby the NSA leak and Edward Snowden’s critique of U.S. government electronic surveillance policy considered for publication on CHQ, please send them to CHQeditor [at] gmail [dot] com.

From reader weather771

In terms of government overreach the NSA case differs from the IRS case in two respects:

 (1) The assigned task of NSA is to snoop on enemy communications.  When the enemy can be in our midst, then electronic surveillance is no different than any other current surveillance methods such as security cameras, metal detectors, and personal detectives.  So the real problem is that the current administration hasn't decided whether we are at war with Muslim extremists who openly are seeking to radicalize American citizen Muslims--are we at war or aren't we??  If at war, then the rules of war are appropriate.  If we aren't at war, then the rules of criminal investigation are appropriate.  Until the federal government corporately decides this war or no war question, problems like NSA will continue to recur (e.g., prosecution of the Ft. Hood terrorist, Gitmo, killing American citizen combatants).

(2) NSA as part of DoD probably has far tighter controls over what is appropriate data mining and what isn't than civilian agencies like the IRS.  Right now neither CHQ, I, or anyone outside of the inner circle know what these controls are.  So all of our opinions at this point are guesses.  The constitutional way of handling this kind of issue is through those in Congress who have oversight.  That's why we have 3 divisions in our government--executive, legislative, and judicial.  The way not to do it is to blab top secret content all over the front pages of the world and inform our enemies of our tactics (see--again we're facing the issue of whether we are at war or aren't).

The IRS case, on the other hand, shows that the administration has indeed decided that we are in a culture war--that traditional Christian and conservative values are to be erased from our culture and political dialog.  Moreover, it also shows over-extension of the IRS' authorized authority.  Unlike the NSA surveillance that did not target law-abiding citizens, the IRS operation was clearly targeting law-abiding citizens.

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Not that this excuses Snowden, BUT...

Did you know that, within the past year, VP Joe Biden publicly released TOP SECRET info, and US Soldiers **DIED** as **DIRECT** result! Did you know that?

ALSO: btw, several years ago, many Leftists and reporters went on and on and on and on and on (yes, it was THAT obnoxious) about the alleged leak of top secret info by Dick Cheney which supposedly "outed" Valerie Plame... maybe those folks who complained about that ought to answer as to why they think it is no big deal that Biden basically caused the murder of US Soldiers due to HIS release of classified info. After all was said and done, it turned out that Cheney broke ZERO laws, revealed ZERO top secret info, and the Plames were "blowing smoke", and nobody died. Yet the Left harped on that for YEARS... they even made a Hollywood movie about it (starring Sean Penn, of course!). Yet hardly a peep these days about Biden's crime. Hmmmm.

Now many liberals (and conservatives too!) want Edward Snowden's head on a patter.

How about lets put Joe Biden on trial for treason 1st. Don't believe me about Joe Biden? Read the article below. This isn't "artificial turf"... MANY Seal Team 6 families were ANGRY about this from DAY ONE! I for one won't ever again discuss Edward Snowden without mentioning Biden and Seal Team 6.

Rob McEwen

blabbing top secret info?

Is this how Obama will be toppled? Snowden said there is more to come. I'll bet he's on the kill list right now. They are saying bring him back for trial but what do you want to bet that doesn't happen?

This makes more sense as to why they are calling for Snowden's head on a pike....he's going to spill the beans & it might just take down Obama AND a lot of the republican leadership also ALL THOSE who called for all this spying as well. Hard for me to believe that republicans didn't know arms were being sent to al Qaeda in's obvious they did by McCain's & others support for them.

I don't know about you but I think arming al Qaeda is a REALLY STUPID IDEA. It makes no sense unless they want an excuse for perpetual war.

They should give Snowden a medal.

Terrorists already know the phones and email are tapped....that's why they use couriers. All this hand wringing about national security is baloney. An excuse to continue spying on Americans.

When you put this in context, with the fact HSA has called Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists, returning veterans all possible terrorists I think it's really stupid to ignore that fact coupled with the IRS scandal which clearly shows that agencies are not to be trusted.

Yes, Snowden Deserves a Medal for Outstanding Patriotism

Check out the commentary on this by Judge Napolitano at you tube. Snowden blew the cover on a rogue DNC corruption scandal whereby they were proceeding to engage in warrantless spying on practically everyone in the nation, in direct conflict with our 4th Amendment Constitutional rights and this young whistleblower gave up a great job in Hawaii to tell us what we would never have heard from the liberally biased mainstream media so yes, he does deserve both our respect and commendation rather than villification. The Founding Fathers would have been proud of him indeed. Benedict Arnolds out there like Boehner who state otherwise need to be replaced with representatives of true spinal column and a better grip on our Costitutional rights, that is clearly evident.

American Citizen Snowden Deserves Immunity

The usual circular argument against a "whistleblower" is that they should have followed established procedure. Of course, if established procedure was working there probably wouldn't be a need for a whistleblower in the first place.

I think the Snowden matter is closer to an Ellsberg matter than a Rosenberg matter. That said, let's be real about a Constitution not followed, and unalienable rights denied, and international law violated by a series of "Homeland" and "Patriot" counter-laws that provide for the utility of cruel and unusual punishment (including, but not limited to, torture and solitary confinement); general warrant; writ of assistance; imprisonment, and, even execution, with denial of habeas corpus. By comparison, the uniquely quasi-autonomous region of Hong Kong retains much of its English common law tradition; also, there are free market practices that are different than mainland China. As a practical matter, at this time at least, it would hardly serve the ability to reveal the criminality of the executive branch within its jurisdiction.

In any event, the people's representatives in Congress should take charge and grant full immunity and whistleblower protections to Edward Snowden in return for his Congressional testimony. The President is legally responsible for executive branch abuse regardless of whether Nixon, Cheney, or Obama contend otherwise (i.e. "If the President does it is not illegal.").