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Introduction to M. Stanton Evans

Stan Evans was there at the beginning of the modern conservative movement; he attended the foundational meeting of Young Americans for Freedom at the Buckley estate in Sharon, Connecticut on September 11, 1960. Stan drafted “The Sharon Statement” that the attendees signed. The Sharon Statement remains one of conservatism’s clearest and most eloquent statements of belief.

Few among the living can match M. Stanton Evans’ lifelong commitment to liberty and the conservative values that make America exceptional. In addition to his seminal role in the modern conservative movement, Evans served as editor-in-chief of the INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, was chairman of The American Conservative Union from 1971 to 1983, and in 1977 he established the National Journalism Center. Stan Evans is the author of many books, including The Theme is Freedom and Blacklisted by History.


By M. Stanton Evans

On first appraisal, the amnesty/immigration bill before the Senate looks pretty bad.  On a more careful comb-through, clause by clause, it looks much worse – like a complete disaster.  It also looks like a massive venture in deception.
Sen. Marco Rubio
Consider the oft-repeated claim that under the bill 11 million plus illegal immigrants now in the U.S. won’t get legal status unless and until the border with Mexico is secure. This claim has been incessantly made by backers of the measure who call it “tough, conservative” legislation.

Thus a former official in the second Bush administration flatly tells us, “the bill’s path to citizenship doesn’t open until the border is secured.”  The same claim is made in radio/tv ads in conservative media markets, featuring one-time tea party favorite, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the main Republican spokesman for the bill.

These commercials are funded by a Silicon Valley group calling itself “Americans for a Conservative Direction,”  though conservatism isn’t evident otherwise in Silicon Valley political projects, which tilt heavily to Obama. One radio spot says of the bill’s approach, “it all begins with border security,” while a TV commercial featuring Rubio states, beneath his picture, “establish border security first.” Similar claims have been made  innumerable times in the run-up to Senate voting.

That these statements are completely false can be seen by anyone who bothers to read the legislation.  In fact, all the bill requires is that the Secretary of Homeland Security submit a “strategy” for securing the border, then certify that steps to implement this are “commencing.”  These paper pledges would trigger the processing of applications for “provisional immigrant” status that would in essence legalize illegals.

The bogus nature of this “conservative” ad campaign was on full display last week in two rather startling developments involving Rubio in person.  On June 13, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) submitted an amendment to the bill saying the border must demonstrably be secure before the legalization of illegals can happen.  This was summarily rejected by a vote of 57-to-43, refusing to put into the bill the very thing its backers say is in it.

Interestingly, only five Republican senators voted against the Grassley effort to toughen the legislation – and one of these five was none other than Rubio himself.  Thus the main spokesman telling us the bill is an exercise in “toughness” voted to make sure it wasn’t.

And, just to make things crystal clear, Rubio on the previous Sunday gave an interview to Spanish-language television, saying the exact reverse of what is said by the “conservative” commercials in which he’s featured. Contrary to the claim that “it all starts with border security,”  Rubio explicitly said, “first comes legalization. Then come the measures  to secure the border.”

(In fact, Rubio has made comments to this effect before, but these had not been loud and clear enough to break through the bogus rhetoric of “toughness.”)

Quite apart from Rubio‘s bilingual double talk, the bill itself says in so many words that a lack of border security is expected by its sponsors, since provision is made for that very outcome.  The legislation says that if, five years out, the border is not secure, a special commission will be set up to look into the matter (a commission that, on the language of the bill, would be toothless).

Also, even if border security could somehow be established, that wouldn’t remedy the countless defects of the legislation.  It is shot through with provisos that would swell the number of aliens on a “path to citizenship” to three or four times the 11 million illegals now in the country (if that is in fact the true number) .  Most obvious of these are “chain immigration” aspects that will bring in and legalize the spouses and children of illegals, but there are many others of like nature.

One such is a “blue card” (temporary, eight-year) work visa, which might not be a problem in itself, but links to other features.  Once here, these workers could qualify for “provisional” immigrant status, just like the illegals, and thus get on the citizenship pathway also. Further, if a future illegal gets apprehended, he can escape removal by requesting “blue card” status for up to two and a half years after the rule is final. Thus, hesto-presto, would future illegals be made legal.

The bill is otherwise riddled with clauses that would help illegals avoid removal, get into the country to begin with, seek “provisional” status, apply for naturalization, ask stays of judgment, and game the system in general.  One of the words appearing most often in the bill is “waiver,” closely followed by “appeals” “stays,” “reviews” and “exceptions” : A thicket of legalisms that could and undoubtedly would be used to thwart enforcement.

It’s of course unlikely that a Spanish-speaking immigrant who walks across the border from Mexico would know anything of these legal complexities, but the drafters have foreseen that problem also.  The bill sets up a fund, amounting to $50 million (with more money to be added as needed), to represent illegals in every phase of the process – seeking provisional immigration status, filing appeals, blocking efforts at deportation, obtaining naturalization, and so on.

And who might be the people funded by this $50 million?  They will be – surprise – non-profit “immigrant-serving” organizations “whose staff has demonstrated qualifications, experience and expertise in providing quality services to immigrants.”  In short, the money is a slush fund for La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund and similar outfits whose stock in trade is fighting against immigration laws, and gaming the immigration system (and who probably wrote the legislation to begin with).

So much for “tough, conservative” law-making – and so much for Marco Rubio as a conservative leader on this (or any other) issue.

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WTP and Our Representation

This immigration scam is all about money to be conrolled by politicians on both sides of the aisle, it is why they will never fix the border, it is why this problem will be in perpetuity and why the lies and deception will never have a trigger to enforce the laws they claim will be enforced, it is just more lies and deciet by government representatives in service of WTP.
When something is broke we Americans look for a fix that will put a handle on the problem, this misrepresentation WTP are enduring has a fix, it's by the use of term limits no retirement and a one year moratorium of a elected or appointed official between offices so that evaluation can be put in pespective while this official seeks a new office to resume serving WTP..
You want to regain your representation then the "civil" needs to be put back in public service, term limits put the officials fate in the hands of WTP with result, accountability and performance. Why allow these opportunist to vote for their own pay, medical and benefits when a national ballot can accomodate the decision, it tells the officials what kind of job they do as percieved by WTP. Merit,integrity and character will rise to the top and by sujecting elected and appointed public servants to open public tax audits while they are in office of their earnings, holds and assets, these standards can be enforced and WTP can regain our representation, the government will be trust but the hell out of what we have now.

We did this once before

and we're STILL waiting for the border enforcement!! Rubio- is a big boy who should have known better than to yank the chains of the people who helped put him in office. Another liar is NOT needed in D.C. This bill with the code words of the progressives, like waivers,reviews, exceptions etal, is nothing more than blanket amnesty for people who KNOWINGLY broke the law- aided and abetted by an administration, who refused to follow the law. If Allen West, or anyone else, goes for his seat I will do everything, in my power, to see that THEY get elected. If you are "undocumented" in the USA then you are here ILLEGALLY!! This bill stinks, just as the the so-called AHCA stinks. It's time to take out the trash!! We don't need more laws for anything, we have to enforce the ones that are already on the books.

Washington insider elites

Washington insider elites have been "yank(ing) the chains" of We The People for decades, consider the outcome of the last election. My husband says Carter led to Reagan, Clinton led to Bush. God willing and the creek don't rise Obama will lead to a true, honest, trustworthy Conservative with the best for the country as his/her primary goal. Of course that leaves Rubio OUT. Washington took it's toll on him quickly.
I don't think the Conservative movement has many more elections left before we are the fastest disappearing minority ever.


None of these politicians are going to give up the huge money making opportunities involved in immigration until WTP put them on a leash...

Rubio is Dead to me

If Rubio's lips are moving, he is lying. He is a lier. Period. Hannity needs to quit cozying up to him. O'Reily said last night he hopes the bill passes. That wipes away the hard stance he prentended to take on illigle immigrants for the last 13 years. I no longer will watch him. He is really a dunder head. I am about done with FOX anyway. I heard Washington Times was supposed to launch a truely conservative show on TV. Anyone hear more about this?

Honesth & Ethics Levels of Our Elected officials

It seems like there is a level of group insanity that our elected officials succumb to once thy enter Washington. It is like a virus that takes away their ability to think and act for themselves and for the greatest good for the people who elected them. What is missing in our political system are two major divisions that need to be put in. One is a qualification or correction division to make sure standard policy written that aligns with the constitution is followed and secondly an ethics division that is non political and really keeps and enforces ethical behavior( based on reason that operates for the greatest good that aligns with our constitution), and penalizes and removes those individuals that reuse to govern under the constitution they swore and oath to uphold.

Washington Times TV show

Yes, I heard about such a plan at CPAC this year.


Thanks. I will be watching out for it.