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Ben Carson Rising

Dr. Ben Carson
Sarah Palin, Alaska’s former Governor, FOX News contributor and Tea Party inspiration continues to hold the lead in our Republican presidential straw poll at 32%, while Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul battle it out for second place with 25% and 22% respectively.

The surprise candidate to surge is Dr. Ben Carson; the physician who rose to political prominence by making an impassioned and eloquent plea for liberty and against Obamacare during President Obama’s appearance at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

From a start as a write-in candidate, Dr. Carson has steadily risen to now hold 9% of the vote and fourth place – ahead of much better-known rivals, such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who are now both out of the top ten.

We think Carson’s rise in the CHQ Republican presidential straw poll is further support for our analysis of why voters continue to support Governor Sarah Palin so strongly.

They are searching for candidates with authenticity and a commitment to limited government constitutional conservative principles.

Who else is going to say, “We are so screwed” when Obama announced his new national security team?

And then back it up with facts detailing why Obama’s choices of Susan Rice for national security advisor and Samantha Power for U.N. ambassador were dangerous for America.

Who else among the potential Republican presidential nominees is going to go to the Faith and Freedom Conference to take-on the faithless and freedom eroding Republican establishment by saying, "Don't you dare marginalize us (conservatives)?"

Few of the others would choose to.

In our opinion it is that authenticity that keeps Governor Palin in the lead.

This certainly leaves out big government establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush, and of course Marco Rubio’s abandonment of limited government constitutional conservative principles to become the face of the hated “Gang of Eight” Obama – Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill has made him anathema to most limited government constitutional conservatives.

In our view, the voter’s search for authenticity will be the determining factor in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries. That search is not over and has left plenty of room for non-traditional “boat-rockers,” like Dr. Ben Carson, to grow and for other “boat-rockers” on the national stage, such as Senators Paul and Cruz, to challenge Palin for the lead.

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Straw Poll

I hope we don't make the mistake of having 5 or 6 candidates in the Republican presidential primary. In that event the one Republican elitist RINO will be sure to win. Mc Cain, Romney anyone? We need to have a pre primary selection process so that only one Tea Party person runs in the Republican primary. All others will run for other posts. Let's get our act together!

Ben Carson and Other Possibilities

Dr. Carson is certainly impressive. I would love to see his presidential campaign. No one would have to guess what he stands for (or not - enough said). Love Sarah - unelectable because of the damage that was done to her and McCain's failure - through his high paid consultants - to defend and stand up for her. She'd be fantastic in the Senate, IMHO. Could really make a difference like our good guys Cruz, Lee and Paul are doing - bringing issues to light. And you know every word from her mouth would be reported. Sometimes it's good to be on their hit list. I'd like to know the "final answer" as to whether Ted Cruz is eligible. He is my number one pick. And after seeing his father speak, I know where he learned his love of the Constitution and this country. He's another one that would leave no doubt as to where he stands on issues.

Ben Carson

Sarah Palin and Rand Paul are great patriots but they are far too controversial to win a presidential election. Ben Carson, on the other hand, has the charisma and cross party appeal prerequisite to winning in 2016. He is a man for all seasons. He already has my vote.

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson is real, smart, genuine, caring, quick witted, sense of humor, knows what's right re: the Constitution, has solutions to our problems, is a fresh gentle face, tells it like it is and is electible. What more do we want? He's an American citizen as well. P.S.: He's not a politician, nor a lawyer...He's a physician who is experienced in solving problems for the good of mankind.

Dr. Benjamin Carson

He would be my first choice for president. Would he consider running is the question. I sure don't like Christie!!