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Obama and The Far Left’s Obsession with Collective Guilt

Zimmerman Not Guilty
Just about the time that the left-of-center media and the rest of America’s leftwing chattering class had finally milked the George Zimmerman murder acquittal for every last TV rating point, President Barack Obama decided to wade into the fray and re-energize the professional race-baiters for one last push to get Zimmerman indicted for something, anything that might satisfy the mob-justice that has surrounded this case from the beginning.

In Obama’s analysis George Zimmerman is clearly guilty of “racial profiling” a “crime” he claims to have been repeatedly victimized by over the course of his life.

Obama’s litany of examples of how he was profiled may be true, but they aren’t limited to African—Americans.

Reality and human nature demonstrate that anyone, not only African—Americans, who appears to be threatening or sometimes merely outside the norm is going to elicit similar reactions.

Ask any white person who was a teenager or young adult during the 1960s or ‘70s and who had long hair and wire-rimmed glasses if they were ever "profiled" as a “hippie” and subjected to taunts or worse.

Ask today’s white “Goths” about the reactions they get when they get on an elevator or when a group of them approach a lone stranger.

Obama’s analysis is consistent with what is, next to race, one of the far left’s great obsessions – that of collective responsibility and guilt, and it reinforces the calls of the professional race-baiters to keep the turmoil surrounding the Zimmerman trial going.

Thus Rev. Jesse Jackson now has the President behind him as he calls Florida “an apartheid state” and professional protesters, like Dick Gregory, demand that right-thinking people boycott Disney World and other Florida tourist attractions to prove that they are not racists.

And despite the fact that a jury has spoken on the facts of the case, the NAACP can with the President behind them, gather 1 million signatures on a petition as political “leverage” for its demand that the Attorney General file civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

After Obama’s remarks Attorney General Eric Holder now has air cover to “investigate” Zimmerman further and condemn “stand your ground” laws and claim the measures “senselessly expand the concept of self-defense” and may encourage “violent situations to escalate.”

African—American music legend Stevie Wonder can say that “until the stand-your-ground law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world” and with the President behind him he doesn’t look quite so foolish for just removing himself from performing in some 30 states.

And a group of “students” can occupy the Governor of Florida’s office in the Florida Capitol with impunity, demanding the repeal of Florida’s “stand your ground” law – never mind that Zimmerman did not assert “stand your ground” as a defense.

Does racism exist in America in forms subtle and not so subtle?

Of course.

Is it institutionalized in law or other matters the government can actually affect?

No, it is an individual sickness, perpetrated by individuals, not the government, not “the system.”

However, in Obama’s formulation all of America is guilty of racism any time one American violates the old-time Mother’s rule against judging a book by its cover.

If, as President Obama said, there’s a need for some kind of national “soul searching” in the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal, perhaps it should start with recognition that government action is not the answer to every societal ill and that the far left’s obsession with collective guilt and responsibility are in and of themselves a form of prejudice.

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Stand up for Zimmerman

Stand up for George Zimmerman. I know, no one wants to be registered on the White House web site, but there is an opposing petition that's getting plenty of signatures. The side of decency and self defense needs to be heard. Besides, they're watching you anyway. Take a stand here:


Never mind what people think about Mr. Zimmerman. We should learn something from this incident. Neighborhood watchers are there to keep an eye on things and report suspicious activity to the police. Police carry guns and are trained to use them. Watchers aren't properly trained and shouldn't carry a gun. Frankly if it was me I would have reported what I saw and then gone home. If accosted I would have run away. I have the idea that these "Stand Your Ground" laws ought to be clarified. It sounds a bit like bad judgment. The kid is dead and Zimmerman will never be the same.

Stand Your Ground

The Stand Your Ground concept is that a person has a right to defend themselves and their property from imminent danger. This is indeed a very legitimate idea. What really has to abolished is the formation of a "Neighborhood Watch." Being vigilant and reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement is a good thing. Whats not good is arming yourself and going out on patrol. That's not neighborhood awareness; that's blatant vigilantism, the kind of mentality that dragged a prisoner from his cell (without due process) and hanged him from a tree, because the old western townsfolk thought that justice was moving a mite slowly for their liking! To me, SYG means to defend yourself and your property while you are on your property, and not out patrolling the neighborhood because you haven't profiled anyone, and made a citizen's arrest, in quite a while!