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Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

WWII Memorial Barricades
Nothing quite illustrates the political cynicism and cruelty of Barack Obama more than the decision to wire a barricade around the World War II Memorial on the National Mall.

Apparently, the spectacle of World War II veterans, many in wheelchairs, defying the phony closing of the WWII Memorial earlier this week, was too much for a President committed to enforcing conformity to his will on an increasingly restive American public.

After all, such defiance might become catching.

If people start defying the government about something like the closing of an open air monument, imagine what might happen come January 1, 2014 when all Americans will be required to sign-up for ObamaCare?

We have said from the beginning of the current federal government “slimdown” that this fight isn’t about the budget or spending – it is about Obama’s demand that the rest of us conform to a law that he, the Washington elite and their cronies will never have to follow.

If there were a budget or monetary justification for closing the World War II Memorial due to the “slimdown” it was long ago subsumed by the substantial sums expended by the National Park Service to keep people out of the Memorial.

Given the irrationality of Obama’s reaction to the WWII veterans claiming the right to visit their memorial without government permission, it would not surprise us if some brave and fed-up “No Waiver Americans” took a cue from the leftwing radicals who occupied Wall Street (and became darlings of the establishment media) by tearing down this wall and occupying the hallowed ground of the World War II Memorial in the name of the liberty that the Greatest Generation fought to preserve, and which is being stolen from their posterity. 

If there was ever an apt location to confront Obama and the establishment elite over ObamaCare and the Third World dictatorship they are creating to enforce it, the World War II Memorial is that place.

CHQ Editor George Rasley served as Assistant Director of the National Park Service during the administration of President George H.W. Bush. His father, George Rasley, Sr. served in World War II’s storied 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

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Closing of National Parks

He only let go the ones who actually did the work. The management still gets a fat paycheck for having a college degree and towing the line, which coincidentally is most of the budget. Why did he not ask the individual States to take over the parks while he was so burdened? Entire towns will not survive if the season is lost. Tourist dollars from all over the world will be spent elsewhere. Maybe he lost all the governors phone numbers! Why did he not close down any of the hundreds of other alphabet soups with no value to America, like the D.of.E.,D.O.A., D,O C, N.S.F, M.D.A, and the N.I.H.? It is simple, he hates America.

Clint Eastwood says more apt criticisms of Obama than this piece

Memorials are national parks. Due to government shutdown, our national parks are closed. Hence, the WW2 memorial is closed. Closed means it cannot be left open to the public, even WW2 veterans.

It's called law & order, and Obama has to enforce it, being the chief executive of our nation's laws. He did not just make all this up for political show.

I remember a party once that prided itself on law & order. They went by the book. They followed tradition. They didn't throw bombs into the political process. Care to guess what the name of that party was? Starts with an 'R'.

To be honest, I could care less about a memorial to the past being shut down when a huge number of our intelligence community is currently being furloughed from protecting this nation's defenses in the present. I am a strong believer in peace through strength, and this lack of readiness right now is foolish. Keeping slimming down the rest of the government if you wish, but we need to make sure our national defense keeps going strong.

Also, I do believe this shutdown has been instigated by the Republicans and not the Democrats (Dems love government; Repubs don't), but that belief of mine does not entail blame as well. There is nothing to 'blame' about the House doing what it sees fit, because the American people gave them that power in November 2012. Stand firm and keep government shut down if you believe it is that important. But it needs to be done in a responsible way that does not weaken our national defense, our military, our intelligence community.