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Senate GOP Establishment Drops Its Guns and Runs

Mitch McConnell and Chickens
There are two kinds of Republicans engaged in the battle over the future of ObamaCare and the federal government’s unsustainable spending, deficit and debt – those Republicans, like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who want to stand and fight, and those, like Senators Ron Johnson, Robert Corker and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who have dropped their guns and are running to the rear as fast as their little jellied legs will take them.

Make no mistake – the latest proposal to the President and Democrats from Senate’s establishment Republican “leadership” isn’t just surrender; it is a panicked retreat that hands the Democrats and Obama a victory of epic proportions.

Not only would ObamaCare and the unsustainable spending, deficit and debt continue; Big Labor would get a delay in the law's reinsurance fee for one year. That is something that Obama himself had already turned down.

The Senate’s GOP establishment also appears poised to agree to a “deal” that does nothing to delay or end the new ObamaCare tax on medical devices that has already cost thousands of jobs. This idea has bipartisan support and appeared to be gaining momentum last week.

McConnell also appears to be “giving in” and accepting the special subsidies and exemptions that Congress and congressional staff receives under ObamaCare.

This is a deal that only the Senate’s Democrats could love, but that Mitch McConnell has apparently embraced in his haste to avoid a fight and head to the rear.

The fig leaf that Harry Reid and the Democrats are prepared to hand McConnell to cover this naked retreat is “income verification” for ObamaCare subsidies.

Income “verified” by who? The Obama administration, of course.

How dumb do they think conservatives are?

Obama has shown, time and again, a complete disdain for the laws passed by Congress. If he won’t enforce immigration laws, what makes Mitch McConnell think he will enforce this proposed “income verification” law?

But the worst surrender by far is McConnell’s apparent willingness to give up the spending reductions that came about as a result of the “sequester.”

While neo cons don’t like the across the board reductions at the Pentagon, and many fiscal conservatives think the cuts should have been focused on entitlements, the fact of the matter is that the sequester spending levels are probably the salient achievement of the Republican Congress during the Obama years.

And now Mitch McConnell is preparing to give that away, too?

Time is of the essence – call your Senators NOW (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to reject any deal that keeps ObamaCare subsidies for Congress, gives Big Labor a pass on ObamaCare, and increases spending by doing away with the sequestration.

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Its so unfair

Liberals get near 100% representation of their view these days by the Democratic politicians, but conservatives have to fight against their own political class to get their view represented. Its like being stuck with a boxer who is more willing to take a dive than take a swing.

I am neither an opponent of liberalism or a proponent of conservatism, but rather somebody who thinks both ideologies are valid and deserve FULL representation in our representative democracy. For the grassroots conservatives to not be getting the full representation they deserve is just plain wrong and un-American. Such taxation without representation must end, but the only thing that is going to end it is beating these Establishment GOPers at the polls.