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The Ammo You Need to Defeat Amnesty: Jobs and the Economy

Amnesty Protest
House Republicans are on a dangerous course on immigration “reform” and amnesty for illegal aliens, and the only way to defeat this giveaway of American sovereignty and exceptionalism is for you to get in the battle to defeat amnesty, and get in it NOW.

Watching our video “Short Course” on the dangers and cost of amnesty and open borders is one way you can arm yourself intellectually for this battle.

Think we are being alarmist in our concern that the establishment Republican “leadership” is about to give Obama and the Democrats what they want on amesty?

Don’t forget that earlier this year Speaker John Boehner called the immigration debate “important,” and said Republicans need a plan.


As we pointed-out back then, according to The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, is not even in the top ten issues – in fact it barely made the bottom of the top twenty issues in Pew’s “The Public’s Policy Priorities for 2013,” ranking at 17 in the top 20 list “priorities.”

Why then would House Republicans be so foolish as to squander their political capital and enrage their constitutional conservative Party base by passing anything remotely resembling the hated S. 744, the Obama – Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill that passed the Senate?

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA-7) also seemed to support the idea of a House amnesty bill by saying Republicans should present an alternative to the Senate’s plan.

Forgive us for noting that establishment Republicans had an alternative to selling out on ObamaCare and the debt ceiling and they didn’t even really make the arguement.

And we have to ask, "A plan written by whom and released for public review when?"

Perhaps the plan will be written by Texas Reps. Sam Johnson and John Carter and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) — who have been working with Democrats on immigration "reform" for years – and were leaning toward a Senate Gang of Eight-like approach until Idaho’s Raul Labrador pulled-out of the group and brought the give-away of American sovereignty to at least a temporary halt.

And what about the timing of the House action on immigration?

Now that establishment Republicans have given-up the fight to defund ObamaCare and kicked the can down the road for a few months on the budget and spending, the consensus of Washington’s inside-the-Beltway pundits is that amnesty and immigration “reform” debate will be addressed as soon as possible to take advantage of what they perceive as Republican disarray.

This means, if a House immigration “reform” bill actually moves it seems likely to be pushed-through in the year-end rush, in a way, as POLITICO noted, “mirroring the 2012 fiscal cliff panic, the 2010 extension of Bush tax rates and other panicked legislating that Washington has become so accustomed to.”

We could add the disastrous Dodd-Frank financial regulatory bill and the recent bill to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government to that list, but you already get the point – a rush to pass at the end of the year means another “we have to pass it so you can find out what’s in it” bill full of pork, special interest favors, loopholes for cronies and other hallmarks of today’s Washington establishment political culture.

Congressional Democrats said have said time and again they won't agree to any immigration bill that lacks a way to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants already here – in reality this means at least 11 million, plus the members of their extended families they might legally bring to this country once they are “legalized.”

The good news is that a few protectors of American sovereignty are standing tall and bringing rank-and-file members of the House Republican Conference with them.

“There's no question that the momentum is on the side of those who want to defend the rule of law,” said principled constitutional conservative Steve King of Iowa. “You don't give citizenship away,” said King. “It is a precious thing.”

King held a packed meeting earlier this year to walk colleagues through why House Republicans should proudly defeat the Obama – Rubio bill. According to reporting by POLITICO, King said the Senate’s immigration plan would help “elites who want cheap labor, Democratic power brokers, and those who hire illegal labor.”

“It would hurt Republicans, and I don’t think you can make an argument otherwise,” King said. “Two out of every three of the new citizens would be Democrats.”

Steve King is right.

House Republicans must wake-up to the threat to the future of this country and their own political futures posed by the false urgency behind the passage of S. 744 or a similar amnesty proposal.  

The real priorities of American voters and their families remain jobs and the economy, and you can learn more about the negative effects of amnesty and illegal immigration by on jobs and the economy by watching the first video in our “short course <> ” on amnesty and illegal immigration.

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Immigration 'reform' will bring few latino votes to the GOP

There is a false notion that immigration is going to be an issue the GOP can use to win over more latino voters. They couldn't be more wrong.

The theory is that taking immigration off the table as an issue will create a better atmosphere to start winning over latino voters. But that is just plain foolish... no single issue or other 'magic wand' will suddenly alter the lack of latino voters among the right. You've got to engage the community and sell your ideology to them just as the Democrats did. Shaking hands and knocking on doors is how you get voters, not by selling out your own principles.