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Amnesty: The Next GOP Establishment Betrayal

Amnesty Cartoon
The Republican establishment’s betrayal of grassroots conservatives is about to be complete.

First, they abandoned the fight to defund ObamaCare and obtain real spending reform as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

Now, Capitol Hill’s Republican establishment is preparing to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, as President Obama does nothing to stop the invasion or oppose the brazen demands of those illegal aliens already here.

During Obama’s victory lap news conference he made it clear that amnesty for illegal aliens was among his top priorities, saying, “Number two. We should finish the job of fixing our broken immigration system,” and blaming House Republicans for the lack of “progress” on the Senate amnesty bill.

Just in case Capitol Hill’s establishment didn’t get the message, Senator Charles Schumer, one of the infamous “Gang of Eight” who drew-up the amnesty bill the Senate has already passed said that Obama wanted immigration reform “more than anything else” during his second term.

Obama’s remarks on Thursday we teed-up by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said on Wednesday, ““I look forward to the next venture, which is making sure we do immigration reform.”

The reaction of the House Republican “leadership” to all of this Democrat amnesty talk?

Complete silence.

The silence was predictable because the House Republican “leadership” has already indicated they will betray conservatives, and Democrats know it.

As Representative Xavier Becerra (CA-34), one of the Democratic Party’s most outspoken amnesty advocates said, he trusted that Speaker of the House John Boehner would cave on immigration: “Once again, the speaker for the majority party is going to be placed in a position of deciding whether he's going to put country before party and get something done. We just need a few courageous Republicans to stand up and say they're ready."

To defeat the push to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens limited government constitutional conservatives and others who wish to preserve American exceptionalism must be prepared to double or triple the effort they made to stiffen the spines of Capitol Hill Republicans during the recent budget battle.

To prepare our members and site visitors with the arguments and intellectual ammunition they need to fight and win the amnesty battle will feature an exclusive “Short Course” on the amnesty debate. Our short course is a series of short videos covering the issues raised in the amnesty debate in bite-sized chunks that are easily absorbed in a few minutes and easily forwarded to your friends and contact as links in an e-mail.

We urge you to watch our first video here and forward the link to your friends. We have one opportunity to save what is left of American exceptionalism and the only way to win this fight is for you to get in it, and get in it NOW.

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Census data and peer-reviewed academic studies disprove five common myths about immigration.

The truth is, rather than costing Americans jobs, immigrants create more jobs and they are actually 30 percent more likely than the native-born to start their own businesses (the economy is not a zero-sum game). Even undocumented immigrants pay more in taxes than they get in services.
Immigration actually raises wages, since businesses respond to more consumers by investing and hiring. Moreover, cities with greater immigration from Latin America experience lower unemployment rates, poverty rates and higher wages among African-Americans.

Until the late 1800s, we had virtually open borders, but then restrictions were placed on Asians and then others, including German Catholics and the Irish. The reason we have so many illegal immigrants now is because our immigration laws are stupid, contradictory and maybe even unconstitutional.
American companies are now sending five times as many jobs to other countries as there are illegal immigrants. The number of visas available don’t meet the needs of either high-tech or low-tech employers.

Those who are concerned with “Big Brother” should realize that imposing greater restrictions on immigration will increase the surveillance state, since e-Verify or national ID card systems will degrade everyone’s civil liberties, not just those of immigrants.

Former president George W. Bush recently commented: “I hope, during the debate we keep a benevolent spirit in mind, and we understand the contributions immigrants make to our country."

We need more immigrants, not fewer, to keep our economy thriving, just like free trade. It is time for immigration reform.

show me

"immigrants create more jobs and they are actually 30% more likely than the native-born to start their own businesses"

Prove it. Show us some evidence. None of the data I've seen support such allegations. At best, they show that significant numbers of new firms have at least 1 immigrant among their co-founders, while it's very rare for firms to be started only by immigrants (i.e. firms which do not include at least 1 US native citizen among the founders). A lot of such "studies" fail to separate immigrants who were under the age of 8 when they entered the USA and received essentially all of their education in the USA, from others (adult guest-workers and immigrants, those who came to USA to attend college/university).

Until the late 1800s, we had expanding borders and plenty of room for in-fill, not todays over-population and over-crowding. New immigrants were a much smaller fraction of the total population.

Then we had a couple decades of excessive immigration and the citizenry objected and it tapered down around 1914. WW1 and later the Great Depression also curtailed some of the excessive immigration. Eisenhower managed to remove some 1M to 1.5M illegal aliens. But the no borders crowd prevailed in the mid-1960s, and proceeded to make things worse repeatedly thereafter, by weakening the processes, increasing visas and visa programs, repeated grants of amnesty to millions, and political appointees who have been actively fighting against border and internal enforcement (some 40% of illegal aliens are visa over-stayers).

We need fewer and better guest-workers and immigrants, not more, to turn around our economy and job markets from the doldrums of the last 26 years or so.

We have millions of able and willing US citizen STEM professionals who can't get an interview (2012 Feb, Steve Camarota). According to the academic studies, only between one-third to one-half of US citizen STEM grads over the last decade and more have been grabbed up by STEM employers (Michael Teitelbaum, David Kuehn, B. Lindsay Lowell, Hal Salzman). BLS data show unemployment rates for STEM occupations have been running about 2-3 times as bad as in historical periods of full employment. Additional studies by the professorial class have shown no shortage of US citizen STEM professionals over the last 25 years.

It is time for immigration reform. We should complete fencing the 8,600 miles of borders along with vehicle barriers, run proper background investigations on every visa applicant (and charge reasonable costs for doing so), we should put in place some objective operationally defined standards and select the top 0.05% or fewer. Those who want start-up or investment visas, had better have something new, some significant, worthwhile invention, and had better directly employ at least a couple US citizens from day 1, and continue to increase employment of US citizens not relatives of the visa grantee over the duration of the visa.

links to sources:

Thank you....

It's wonderful to see a rational, well thought-out post that doesn't attack anyone & makes positive points. My understanding is there are not any truly indigenous natives on the American continent...all of us are immigrants. The best bet for American exceptionalism is American openness to the richness of other cultures & the money brought in by immigrant families. Some of the best & most loyal Americans I know are first & second generation citizens, so the more of them, the merrier.

Wrong on all counts.

You are so wrong. These criminals have taken the jobs away from especially the youth in my neighborhood. We should maintain (restore) the value of citizenship.

Citizens don't get amnesty if we break our laws. Certainly foreigners should not get amnesty. Also, law abiding foreigners waiting through the legal process to become a citizen should not be punished and pushed behind by rewarding the criminals.