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Is Mitch McConnell Washington’s #1 Corrupt Bastard?

Mitch McConnell
A few days ago Sarah Palin reminded us that she originally rose to political prominence in Alaska by taking on the self-proclaimed “Corrupt Bastards Club” of establishment Republican politicians who had literally sold the state government to the oil industry.

After giving an excellent analysis of where the whole ObamaCare disaster is heading – single payer socialized medicine – Palin said what was on the minds of millions of limited government constitutional conservatives after the GOP establishment waived the white flag.

“You have to wonder whether the permanent political class in D.C. really wants to get rid of Obamacare at all. We’re finding out it’s good business for them.”

And the one establishment Republican politician who arguably came out better than anyone else in the deal to end the stand-off over defunding ObamaCare and imposing real spending reform on the federal government was the Senate’s Republican Minority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Our friend Michael Patrick Leahy over at Breitbart reports that it turns out the bill to end the government shutdown that was passed by Congress and promptly signed by President Obama included only one earmark for a major public works project--an additional $2.1 billion authorization for the Olmsted Dam Project in McConnell's home state of  Kentucky.

This pet project of McConnell’s is already 300% over budget. The project was first authorized by Congress in 1988 in Section 3 (a) (6) of Public Law 100-676, the Water Resources Development Act of 1988 at an original price tag of only $775 million. Two and a half decades later, the federal government has spent just short of $1.7 billion on the project to date, which remains less than half way complete.

No wonder nearly half (47%) of those surveyed in a USA TODAY/Princeton Survey Research Poll said Congress would work better if most members were replaced.

The Senate Conservatives Fund has now endorsed Matt Bevin, McConnell’s opponent in the Kentucky Republican primary, and the revelation of the Olmstead Dam earmark prompted the SCF to charge that, "In exchange for funding Obamacare and raising the debt limit, Mitch McConnell secured a $2 billion Kentucky kickback. “

The Senate conservatives Fund and The Madison Project, two major national conservative organizations have now joined “Take Back Kentucky,” Wendy Caswell, the founder and President of the Louisville Tea Party, and a number of Kentucky Tea Party related groups in backing Bevin.

In concluding her op-ed about the “Corrupt Bastards Club” Sarah Palin reminded us that “The recent “slimdown” didn’t cause the fracture [in the Republican Party]. It happened because of the fracture – because wayward Republicans have refused for years to stand up and fight for economic freedom and limited government, despite campaigning on those principles every election cycle. That’s how we got into this debt-ridden mess in the first place. They campaigned one way, but governed another.”

To paraphrase our friends at The Madison Project: If there is one individual who represents the face of the stale, tone-deaf, timid, moss-covered and obtuse leadership of the GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is emblematic of the rudderless leadership, vacuous core, and duplicitous tendencies of the powers that be within the Republican Party.

Visit this website to learn how you can help Matt Bevin defeat Mitch McConnell

Read Sarah Palin’s op-ed on ObamaCare and the Corrupt Bastards Club here.

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Mitch McConnell may well be the chairman of the Corrupt Bastards Club in DC and he is running for re election, but the people that are running against him are every bit as corrupt as he is and they aren't even in DC yet. So who do you vote for? I guess I'll vote for Mitch because he is probably as bad is he is going to get whereas the others haven't even started yet.


McConnell the senator from Kentucky is among those we real Republicans reserve the word RINO for and it fits him like a glove. He is a man whose self interest and self aggrandizement are primary for reason to hold a public elected office, loyalty to the nation, Constitution or Republican platform have anything to do with his reason for the holding of political office, he is one of several, who cross the aisle to employ the left to subvert decent legislation brought to the table by the right, he helps to torpedo those who are conservative fiscally and socially and prevents if possible any and all who claim to be conservative to run for office, he is for all intent a big government crony, his incumbency is long term a career politician, it has been indicative as to why this description of a politician is now one to describe elitism and devolving into unethical corruption of the rule of law and the guidelines of the Constitution. It is this kind of frustration the party is now saddled with and that which we real Republicans are working to eliminate so that we can begin to win elections without being sabotaged from within.....

McConnell is a stinking skunk

Do away with him PEROID. He showed the color of his character the (DUMBHARD)1


It is way past time to save America with TERM LIMITS on these career idiots who are bringing us down while they line their pockets with $$$$$$$$$ and power. We can do this. If you agree go to and sign the petition to get the job done NOW.

Mitch McConnel

This dinosaur has been at the party way too long. He and Boehner need to go home and stay there. Mabey they can take McCain with them. The list of RINOS goes on and on. Go along to get along is their mantra. If it's possible we need to clean house and get some REAL conservatives on our team.


I have in the past used the word "Bastard" in my comments, it is a olde english term to describe illegitimacy concerning one's birth. Used at times as a insult it has also been applied in other ways to designate corrupt. Using the CBC as explained by Gov. Palin about political bawdiness to jest the public, The Corrupt Bastards Club is a confirmation of that which WTP already know to exist...I always have questioned this PC deletion of language but when I pressed my point, the conversation was ended for lack of prevalent point on behalf of those I questioned.....I would like to thank Gov. Palin and those who have suddenly found the spine to ignore PC in honor of the descriptive language we are normally free to enjoy.....