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Viguerie: “Primary Every Single One of These Big-Government Republicans”

Richard Viguerie
In an exclusive interview with David A. Patten of NewsMax, Chairman Richard Viguerie provided conservatives with a brief roadmap of how to end ObamaCare and obtain the real spending reform that recently eluded them in the insider deal to end the recent government “slimdown.”

"We need to primary every single one of these big-government Republicans," said Viguerie.

Mr. Viguerie identified Senators Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Thad Cochran and John Cornyn among those deserving a primary challenge for their roles in the cave-in on defunding ObamaCare and obtaining real spending reform as part of a budget deal. 

Viguerie also singled-out the House “leadership” including Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Rules Committee Pete Sessions of Texas as meriting a primary challenge.

Thanks to the shutdown vote, Viguerie said, "it's black and white who's on our side and who's on the big-government side."

Read the full interview at NewsMax.

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Yah!Richard good comments.

I agree with Richard 100%.
We need a good cleaning out of congress (Demos/GOP) both.
The Tea Party needs to get really active on Boehner's case, if he does'nt want to toe the line and do what is right, get rid of him, and all of them that does,nt want to be for the we the people.
LET'S build a fire, get action going hot and heavy.