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Viguerie: Thank God for Barack Obama

Obama Thanksgiving
Richard Viguerie urges you to break the rules this Thanksgiving -- the “no-politics-at-the-dinner-table” rule, to be exact.  

In his recent address to the Virginia Tea Party Federation’s Action Conference, Viguerie unapologetically stated that conservatives should “get down on your knees and thank God that Barack Obama is president of the United States.” 

Yes, you read that right. He wants you to give thanks for President Obama. 

Viguerie says that it’s Barack Obama’s extreme liberalism that has awakened the action of the conservative grassroots. The Tea Party likely wouldn’t exist if a moderate Democrat had been elected instead of Barack Obama. Creeping liberalism wouldn’t have done the trick. 

Viguerie has been active at the national level of the conservative movement for some 50 years. He said that people often ask him if it is too late to turn America around; that we’ve gone too far down this socialist road. His answer? “The only chance I see to save America is for things to get real bad, real quick. Well, guess what? We’re there… Even if things get really, really bad, we’ve got to have some vehicle that will organize and lead the opposition, and that is the Tea Party.”

Creeping socialism rarely drew much attention before the Tea Party and its complimentary Breitbart-style citizen journalist movement. Americans had become far too desensitized to growth and intrusiveness of Big Government over the past nine decades. (Thanks a lot, Woodrow Wilson.)

But wait – we’re not suggesting that Obama’s welfare state ways weren’t the only impetus behind the Tea Party Movement. And it’s not all the Democrat Party’s fault, either.

George W. Bush’s Big Government follies may very well have served as Square One for today’s Tea Party Movement. 

Bush’s penchant for bloating the federal government was a betrayal of the conservatives who made him President by some 500 votes. There was 2001’s No Child Left Behind Act, which bullied the states. Conservatives were betrayed again by the so-called “Patriot Act,” which allowed the government to trample Americans’ civil liberties in the name of national security. The unnecessary Iraq War, with its off budget spending and the loss of thousands of American lives, further alienated conservative opposition to Bush's neo con intervention and nation building. 

“It’s very difficult to win a war if you don’t know you’re in one,” Viguerie stated. “We’ve had our guns trained on the wrong target. We’re over here focused on Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Pelosi, and in my day – Adlei Stevenson and McGovern. But the real problem is the big government establishment Republicans. People don’t like them.”  

True, Tax Day protests started in the 1990’s before the Bush and Obama presidencies. But by the time Bush signed the $700 billion Wall Street Bailout in 2008 and stood by as Democrats added billions to the budget in the last two years of his presidency, conservatives were no longer afraid to speak out. Add in Obama’s own “economic stimulus,” the General Motors bailout, ever higher taxes, plus the ability to use the new and alternative media to organize and Rick Santelli's "rant heard 'round the world" and the Tea Party movement was born. That big-government-trumps-the-middle-class sentiment stoked the outrage of Americans who declared that they had been Taxed Enough Already.

So there you have it folks: Bush’s betrayal of the Republican Party’s conservative base planted the seed of grassroots outrage, but Obama’s extreme liberal agenda motivated conservatives to form the growing movement that it is today.  

However, Viguerie cautioned that conservatives shouldn’t get lazy and settle for moderate Republican candidates, even in cases where a conservative would only get 20 to 30 percent of the vote. He encouraged conservative candidates to get all the political campaign experience possible because it will not only help them gain name recognition and valuable experience dealing with the press, but will also help build an army of savvy volunteers. 

So go ahead and break some rules this Thanksgiving. Give thanks for Obama, and then discuss how we can beat his dangerous anti-American agenda. And if we’re still just talking about how bad it’s gotten by this time next year, then we have only ourselves to blame.

Watch Richard Viguerie’s Tea Party speech here. Sign and share Viguerie’s petition to impeach Barack Obama.

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Thankful for Bush and obama

There is one thing that I think that we forget about when we talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that is, we are heading for a revolutionary/uncivil war. These wars are creating the fighters and leaders we will need in this coming war. It is unfortunately that a lot of our patriots were wounded and maimed for life, but these young men and us old farts from wars past will be needed to fill the ranks of the new army to defend this country and Constitution. Having served during the Vietnam war and during the 70s and 80s, I am proud of our young men and women in uniform and tell each and everyone of them that I meet. Like them, I took and oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I would be proud for the opportunity to serve along side of them one last time.

New Candidates

The one thing which ticks me off with the TEA PARTY is the willingness to cut their nose off in spite of their face. I say this because of the millions of Conservatives and Libertarians which did not vote in the last election. This attitude of if the candidate is not purely who I want then I am not voting is killing the Republican party. Conservatives need to work within the political structure to gain the upper hand for the conservative movement.
Consider the Democrats. They have moved slowly from moderate to ultra liberal because they elected those over the years. They got inside the democratic party.
Conservative Republicans must do the same thing. Stop wasting votes on third party candidates. Elect the one with views closest to conservatism and then pressure them to move even more right. Stop insane comments like eliminating the IRS. Be pragmatic! Elimination of Departments never happens. So force reduction by instituting a better and less complicated tax code.
Well I hope those of you that did not vote, wasted a vote on a third party or took your ball and went home have learned a lesson. You got Obama elected. Twice! how's that working out.

Elimination of Departments

Elimination of departments never happens because when we elect Republicans to do it, like during Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, Republicans (RINOs) will forget their promises after they are elected. There's no reason for the Department of Education to exist except to foment the spread of Marxism. It should already be gone. Although I follow your prescription of voting for the lesser of two evils, I believe we should aggressively primary those who have not performed well. This includes those in high positions, like Mc Connell and Mc Cain. It's the only way to assure that senators and congress critters have the public ear. And as for the sit at home strategy, That's not a strategy at all. That's just laying down and letting Democrats have their way with you. The problem is that this marxist creep is like a ratchet. It only moves in one direction. Try to reverse it, and Democrats and RINOs raise cain like it's the end of the world. When the Dems progress toward marxism or tyranny, the Rinos barely emit a whimper. That's why they have got to go. We need a senate full of Ted Cruzes. The Republicans should have been caterwauling about Harry Reed's latest move to end the filibuster especially since Harry himself said that it was unamerican when Republicans threatened to do it. We need the ratchet to be reversed.