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Boehner and Kingston More Conservative Than Broun? Give Us A Break!

John Boehner & Jack Kingston
Our friend Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, who is running for the Republican nomination for the Peach State’s open Senate seat, brought an amazing fact to light recently. It appears some of Washington’s most distinguished establishment “journalists” consider Speaker of the House John Boehner to be a “conservative.”

This would be the same John Boehner who called conservatives “knuckle draggers,” told conservatives who were reluctant to raise the debt ceiling to “get their ass in line,” who supports amnesty for illegal aliens and who has passed a number of major betrayals of conservative principles (such as the Ryan – Murray budget) by relying on Democratic votes because conservatives in his own House Republican Conference, like Paul Broun, wouldn’t vote his way.

However, as Speaker, and thus the senior Republican in government, the National Journal considers Boehner to be the “conservative” benchmark and rates the conservatism of House members on the basis of how regularly they vote the Speaker’s way.

Only in the bizarre world of inside-the-Beltway Washington would Congressman Jack Kingston, one of Broun’s rivals in the Georgia Republican Senate primary and one of Boehner’s most reliable votes in his betrayal of conservative principles, be rated as “more conservative” than conservative stalwarts such as Paul Broun, Michele Bachmann or Justin Amash.

Then again, in some sense we shouldn’t be surprised at how liberal establishment journalists define “conservative.”  

To those steeped in the ways and beliefs of Washington’s inside elite Republican President Richard Nixon, who instituted wage and price controls, established the EPA, and funded the expansion of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society welfare state was a “conservative.” Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, who opposed those betrayals of conservative principles, could according to the Washington elite’s definition of “conservative” thus be classified not as “conservative,” but as “extremists.”

Jack Kingston is no conservative. He may be a nice guy, but he’s one of the most reliable establishment Republican votes in Congress. Conservatives define conservatism by one’s adherence to and action on a set of principles, starting with keeping the federal government within strict constitutional limits, by that definition Jack Kingston and John Boehner are not conservatives, Paul Broun is.

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