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Ellmers and Simpson: Lying Their Way To Reelection

Ellmers and Simpson

Whether it is politically convenient or not incumbents have a record in office. For most of the life of this Republic if you were an incumbent officeholder running for reelection you either ran on your record or away from your record, but it appears establishment Republicans, such as Representatives Renee Ellmers of North Carolina and Mike Simpson of Idaho, have found a third alternative; lying, or having your friends lie for you.

We single out Simpson and Ellmers because their campaigns have set a new low in the art of political prevarication.

These two establishment Republicans aren’t just using the term “conservative” to describe their decidedly non-conservative voting records; they are selling a phony version of reality in an effort to convince voters to keep them in office.

In Simpson’s case even the “fact checkers” of the establishment media have ridiculed his claim that he opposed the now-despised Wall Street bailout known as TARP. says “Rep. Mike Simpson falsely says in a TV ad that he voted to ‘repeal the Wall Street bailout and repay taxpayers’.” While The Washington Post says about Simpson’s ad campaign, “Simpson, by picking and choosing what votes he wants to highlight, is misleading Idaho voters.”

We agree with Club for Growth President Chris Chocola’s observation that, “It’s bad enough that Mike Simpson is a liberal who voted for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, but now he’s being dishonest with Idaho voters…  This is a ‘for it, before I was against it’ that would make John Kerry blush.”

The case of Rep. Renee Ellmers is a bit more complex, but still comes down to the same thing; false claims about the Representative’s record.

Ellmers is being abetted in her campaign of disinformation about her support of amnesty for illegal aliens by a shadowy group known as “Americans for a Conservative Direction” that is running an ad campaign that claims Ellmers is opposed to “amnesty” for illegal aliens because she supports the House GOP leadership’s plan to grant “earned legal status” to millions of what are now illegal aliens.

The 30-second television ad paid for by “Americans for a Conservative Direction” says of Ellmers: “No amnesty. Period.” So, let’s be clear what “amnesty” is and what the House GOP leadership’s plan does.

The term “amnesty” denotes an act of grace, extended by the government to all persons who may come within its terms, and which obliterates the criminality of past acts done, and declares that they shall not be treated as punishable.

There is a prima facia case for numerous felonies against almost any illegal alien who is living and working in the United States, including, but not limited to violating immigration laws, tax laws and identity theft. These acts, if proven, would make the perpetrator liable for thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison, plus deportation.

Under the plan Ellmers and her big business backers support, none of those felonies would be prosecuted, the perpetrators would not be deported or imprisoned and they would, after completing some paperwork and maybe or maybe not paying a nominal fine, walk free to continue to live and work in America.

And that according to an ad paid for with $150,000 from “Americans for a Conservative Direction” and running right now on TV stations in North Carolina Congressional District 2 is not “amnesty” for illegal aliens.

If absolving millions of illegal aliens of numerous prima facia felonies isn’t “amnesty” then Black’s Law Dictionary is in need of serious revision.

That Renee Ellmers and Mike Simpson claim to be “conservatives” in today’s political environment, where big business and big government are so unpopular, is not all that surprising. What is surprising and indicative of a new and troubling development in our politics is that they and their friends would brazenly lie about their stances on the issues and voting records to try to prove the claim.

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