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A Night of No Surprises

McConnell moves right


Last month a Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just six percent (6%) of likely U.S. voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job, its lowest positives since June of 2013. More voters than ever – seventy percent – also think that, no matter how bad things are, Congress can always find a way to make them worse.

The poor ratings could be explained in part by the fact that just seven percent of voters think that the average congressman listens most to those he or she represents; the lowest level of confidence to date. Eighty-two percent of those responding to the survey think the average representative listens most to party leaders in Congress.

With these kinds of numbers you’d think that ninety percent of incumbent members of Congress would be defeated, but the reality is that, historically, over ninety percent of incumbents are re-elected.

Only rarely are less than ninety percent of the members of the House of Representatives re-elected. And while the Senate is more competitive, it is rare for less than eighty percent of senators to be re-elected. Senator Tom Coburn described the situation well when he said, "In several election cycles in recent history, more incumbents died in office than lost reelection bids."

And despite the hard work of many grassroots conservative volunteers and the commitment of the candidates for whom they worked there were no big surprise upsets last night – the historical numbers held.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, and one of the leading establishment Republicans on Capitol Hill was, to no one’s great surprise, renominated.

Matt Bevin, McConnell’s outsider opponent, raised over $3.3 million, the most of any candidate who has taken on an incumbent senator during the rise of the Tea Party in the last two election cycles. He also booked over thirty-five percent of the votes, a substantial vote of no confidence in McConnell’s leadership of the GOP. 

McConnell spent over $11 million to retain the GOP nomination and despite that vast sum he has dismal approval numbers in Kentucky: a New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation poll last month found that 52 percent of Kentucky voters disapproved of his performance and just 40 percent approved of his performance. As an incumbent Senator who is upside down in the polls after over 30-years in Kentucky politics and an $11 million dollar campaign, McConnell remains in deep trouble going into the Fall general election.

In Georgia, we liked Paul Broun, who with several other conservatives split the vote for the open Senate seat, and the race appears to be headed for a runoff between businessman, and Chamber of Commerce favorite, David A. Perdue and Congressman Jack Kingston. 

While Kingston is almost universally liked by his colleagues, and has a good record on some of our issues, his credibility with conservatives has been tried by his record as one of Speaker Boehner’s most reliable votes. Perdue has made it clear he has no interest pursuing the conservative agenda.  It will take a lot to get conservatives fully engaged in the Georgia runoff and general elections.

It also looks like Georgia Congressional District 11, another high-profile Georgia contest pitting an anointed establishment candidate against an outsider candidate in a race for an open seat, is headed for a runoff. We backed constitutionalist Bob Barr against Barry Loudermilk, the establishment’s anointed candidate in the race. Barr is running a strong second and Loudermilk appears to have fallen far short of the required fifty percent plus one vote necessary to obtain the nomination without a runoff.

In the Arkansas Republican Senate Primary it was a different story. 

The incumbent Democrat, Mark Pryor, is viewed as one of the Senate’s most vulnerable incumbents and Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, whom we backed in 2010, announced early. Cotton, who had Tea Party backing in his congressional races, generated no serious challenger and managed to unify the GOP, in the end both Tea Party and establishment groups backed Cotton and he comes out of the Primary with the momentum necessary to defeat Pryor in the Fall.

In Oregon, the Republican establishment’s Senate recruit Monica Wehby has taken a beating in recent days with the publication of reports about her history of violent domestic disputes. But, as POLITICO noted, because all votes in the state are submitted by mail, and many ballots were already cast before the reports came out, so Wehby remained the strong favorite over pro-life state Rep. Jason Conger in the primary.

As the clock ticked past Midnight on the east coast FOX News called the race with Wehby at fifty-five percent and Conger a distant second at thirty-two percent.

Now that Wehby has won the Oregon GOP Senate nomination the main result of the revelations of Wehby’s past may be to make her the poster child for winnable races tanked by an establishment anointing process that, with no apparent vetting, made her the establishment’s favored nominee. 

This is the same kind of Rove-inspired expertise that handed the GOP a litany of losers in 2012, such as Rick Berg who lost in North Dakota and Denny Rehberg who lost in Montana, even while Romney was carrying both those states and handed us other establishment losers such as George Allen in Virginia, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Connie Mack in Florida and Heather Wilson in New Mexico.

As the LA Times’ Doyle McManus observed, “In a year when voters are grouchy about incumbents, the most striking statistic may be this: Not a single Senate or House incumbent in either party has lost a primary election so far. Some have retired, but none has been defeated.”

That’s not a surprise, it’s history. 

What is a surprise is how fast and how far right the incumbents, like Mitch McConnell, have had to move to keep their jobs.

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Most of the RINO incumbents won or will win their place on the ballot. The media is ballyhooing the demise of the Tea Party and Conservative movement. LET’S SHOW THEM HOW WRONG THEY ARE!

Select a couple of “victorious” RINOs — I recommend Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner. All of the conservative and libertarian groups should VERY PUBLICLY ask their members and the people on their mailing and e-mailing lists to support and vote for the DEMOCRAT in these races.

McConnell will be fired. Boehner might win reelection but he will get the scare of his life.

Use the results of these elections to demonstrate our strength and make RINOs toe the line. Then, at every election, fire a couple of RINO’s while protecting Republican majorities. Gradually, we can hound RINOs out of office.


Most, if not all, of the incumbents who were challenged by conservatives won their spot on the ballot.

Let's demonstrate our power to the RINO Party. Lets select a couple of "victorious" RINOs, say Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner and fire them.

They are both riding high right now because they won their nominations. Let's ask all of the members of conservative and libertarian organizations to VERY PUBLICLY ask their members and people on their mailing lists to support and vote for the DEMOCRAT!

Boehner might survive but McConnell will be fired. Boehner, even if he wins, will get the scare of his life.

Then throw up these as examples to RINOs of the power of the base! At every election, we can fire a couple or RINOs, without risking the Republican majorities. Gradually, we can clean up the Republican Party while holding RINO's feet to the fire.

Disingenuous political parties.

Establishment neo-cons like McConnell haven't moved far right, just their disingenuous rhetoric did. They do this every election cycle to retain their lucrative office. ALL THOSE LYING BAS****S need to go. The leopard doesn't change its spots. Voting for a nominee just because the have a false "R" after their name will only continue the unconstitutional trend. The primaries have show an apathy toward nominating REAL Constitutional Conservatives. The effective [One Party] system of the democrat/republican party is destroying the Republic to enable a World Government. Ron Paul, though not every one's ideal was the last great chance for a turnaround. Look what the malevolent republican party did to him and his electoral votes during the last presidential nomination. I gave up on the disingenuous (lying) republican party many years ago to register Libertarian. A massive switch to Libertarian or Conservative Party would mean the conniving and colluding with the democrats (now Marxists) by the non-constitutional neo-cons would come to an end. If you are a STATIST, remain with the wolfs of the republican party but, if you want CONSTITUTIONAL change from the aberrant policies of the big government a**h***s who have been leading the voters down the primrose path of constitutional destruction, go to people who REVERE the Constitution of our REPUBLIC. The way to stop bullying is by punching the bully in the nose. Punch the statist republican bully NOW.