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Petition: RNC Must Investigate Illegal Votes In Mississippi

The RNC Must Investigate Illegal Votes In Mississippi

To: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

Conservatives demand that the leaders of the Republican Party stand with the grassroots of the Party to investigate allegations of vote fraud in the Mississippi Republican Senate Primary Runoff. 

These allegations of vote fraud are substantive and real; as Chris McDaniel pointed out, “We do know that 35,000 Democrats crossed over. And we know many of those Democrats did vote in the Democratic primary just three weeks ago which makes it illegal.” Mississippi conservative writer Charles C. Johnson documented three examples of this kind of vote fraud on just one page of a Democratic Party primary poll book. 

There are also strong indications that someone acting in the interest of the Thad Cochran campaign spread some "walking around money" to Democrats, including some African-American preachers, who are believed to have used it to deliver blocks of voters to Cochran. This illegal tactic is an old tradition in parts of the South and other areas where machine politics prevail. It should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if proven.

As the Republican National Committee chairman, you cannot in good conscience stand idly by while an election is hijacked. You have a responsibility to ensure a clean election and a new vote if necessary.

Since the RNC and Mississippi GOP are M.I.A. on the serious evidence of vote fraud, True the Vote and Tea Party Patriots have had to step into the void. We demand you fulfill your responsibility to the grassroots conservative voters and investigate immediately.

If we conservatives have to act on our own, we should use every legal means to determine if the Mississippi Republican Senate runoff election was honest. 

You're either with us or against us. The RNC must investigate the Mississippi GOP Senate race voter fraud evidence NOW.

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How I vote!

I am a registered democrat who usually votes for republican candidates in the general elections. I live in an overwhelmingly democratic district, in a democratic controlled state. As a retired teacher I have watched teacher unions continually supporting the democratic candidates at the expense higher educational standards. While teachers salaries may be going up the quality of education isn't. There are exceptions of course but generally the improvements seem to be coming from lower standards and special programs designed so everyone passes. The proof of that would seem to be Community Colleges, 4 year Colleges and Universities having to offer so many remedial courses.


If these results stand, which they shouldn’t — the difference is only six thousand votes — a recount will reveal at least six thousand Democrats who also voted in the Democrat primary so they were ineligible. After a little investigation and a quick lawsuit, Chris McDaniel wins the nomination then the general election. IF NOT…. Members of the Tea Party should show their strength. For example, apparently, Democrats gave Thad Cochran the victory in the Mississippi primary so he is the Democrat’s second choice. If we are going to have a liberal Democrat representing Mississippi in the Senate, he may as well have a D after his name. Mississippi conservatives, Tea Partiers and like minded Mississippians should vote for the Democrat, Travis Childers, in the general election. We will still take the Senate. Even if we didn’t unless we get 66 seats, which we won’t, we will just have Obama vetoing bills rather than Reid. Cochran will be an unreliable partner at best. VOTE HIM OUT! We can elect Senator Chris McDaniel in 2020!