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Military Bases Being Turned Into Permanent Refugee Camps

Illegals at a TX Air Force Base

Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine is sounding the alarm that President Obama is on course to turn several key U.S. military installations into permanent “refugee” camps.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel last week approved a request from HHS to house an additional 5,000 minors at military facilities, including Fort Sill, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, and Naval Base Ventura County in California. The agreement commits those facilities to be used through Jan. 31, 2015.
“Military bases were not designed to be refugee camps,” Bridenstine told The Daily Signal’s Josh Siegel. “We need to get these facilities back so that we can have the troops do the training they need to do.”
But Lackland, Ft. Sill and Ventura County aren’t the only military installations currently under consideration to become “refugee” camps.
Officials with the Defense and Health and Human Services departments notified Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley that Maxwell Air Force Base is being considered as a location to shelter some of the surging number of unaccompanied minors who have been caught illegally crossing the border, Yasamie August, a spokeswoman for Governor Bentley told Gannett’s Air Force Times.
HHS officials have already visited Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Washington state) and are assessing the possibility of sending children to that base as well reports the paper.
The three bases already housing these unaccompanied children – Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Lackland Air Force Base, Texas; and Naval Base Ventura, California can only accommodate 2,375 of the "children" who have been detained entering the United States illegally. The original agreement between DoD and HHS places a 120-day cap on the time the children can be housed on the bases. 

With some 60,000 unaccompanied children expected to turn themselves in at the border this year, that 120-day cap is almost certain to be extended unless Congress uses the power of the purse to prohibit military bases from becoming permanent "refugee" camps and forces Obama to follow our immigration laws.

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