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The Real Win For Conservatives In The GOP Border Bill

Gohmert, Bachmann, King, McCarthy
Do we ever expect to see the border bills passed by the House on Friday on the President’s desk to be signed into law?
Not in a million years.
But make no mistake about it: the border bills passed by the House on Friday were wins for conservatives.
To be honest, we didn’t think it was headed in that direction on Thursday.
What we were hearing was not a commitment to pass a bill that actually addressed conservative concerns; what we were hearing was a plan by the House leadership to continue to browbeat reluctant Members, or if necessary just plain lie, to get the votes for their bill.
Then something utterly unprecedented happened – the leadership actually started listening to conservatives and having a good faith discussion about what a bill should look like with conservatives such as Reps. Steve King (IA-4), Michele Bachmann (MN-6), Mo Brooks (AL-5), Louie Gohmert (TX-1), Paul Gosar (AZ-4), John Fleming (LA-4), and Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) among others.
The new bills that conservatives put together with the House leadership won the support, not just of conservatives like King and Bachmann, but of all except the 11 most committed open borders members of the House GOP Conference. The bill even picked-up four Democrats who were concerned enough about their election prospects to vote to stymie President Obama's threatened executive amnesty.
“I’m very satisfied that the things that I offered that it takes to fix the bill have all been embraced with the exception of asylum and that got too complex to deal with now, but we’ll deal with it in the regular order process,” King told Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, adding that the bill was not entirely new legislation but adjusted to address the concerns of conservatives.
“This isn’t like it’s a new draft,” King said. “What this really is, is a copy and paste or a cut and paste of existing language of existing amendments that are already there, Carter/Aderholt is one of them, it is a significant improvement and then the Blackburn language is a mirror of what I’ve done the last two years here in this Congress on the appropriations bill of DHS — last year the amendment passed with 224 votes,” noted King. The bill passed 216 to 192.
Rep. Michele Bachmann was similarly pleased with the GOP’s new unity on the full immigration package. "I was a hell no," Bachmann told reporters. Then said Bachmann, “We completely gutted the bill, we changed the bill; it is nothing like it was yesterday,” referring to the original House leadership bill that was pulled from the floor on Thursday.
Representative Bachmann credited the American people’s willingness to call their representatives for the turnaround, and we agree that was the genesis of the turnaround, but conservatives have melted the phones before and it got us nowhere in previous showdowns with the House GOP leadership.
When the House Republican leadership was reorganized after Eric Cantor’s defeat in the Republican Primary we said, “What has brought grassroots conservatives into open conflict with the House Republican leadership team that came to power after the Tea Party wave election of 2010 is not what they say about being conservative - it is the disconnect between the conservative philosophy they espouse and the practical application of that philosophy in legislation.”
And that is what was so important about the House Republican border package. The new House Republican leadership team, led by newly installed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, took the policy recommendations of conservatives and made that the bill.
No bait and switch. No phony symbolic votes, like the proposed “deem and pass” on Obamacare.  And most importantly, no deals with the Democrats and the open borders crowd to ignore the demands of grassroots conservative voters that Republicans should stand firm to defend the rule of law and American exceptionalism.
It’s been a longtime coming, it wasn’t pretty (as our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart put it) but the biggest win for conservatives in the border package was that the GOP leadership finally listened to them.

Yes, it is something that should have been done all along, but let’s recognize that if new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is responsible for bringing conservatives into the process of writing the border bill this is a huge positive change in the dynamics of the House, and a huge win for the limited government constitutional conservative voters of America if it continues.

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