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Cruz Leading: Calls for Ebola Travel Ban. Where’s Rest of GOP?

 Ted Cruz Conservative

In an interview with the Lone Star State’s top DC political reporter, Todd J. Gilman of The Dallas Morning News, Senator Ted Cruz yesterday called for a ban on commercial flights from the Ebola hotspots of West Africa, such as Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, the country from which illegal alien* Thomas Eric Duncan brought the deadly virus to the United States and transmitted it to Dallas nurse Nina Pham.

"Common sense dictates that we should impose a travel ban on commercial airline flights from nations afflicted by Ebola,” Cruz told Gilman in a phone interview. “There’s no reason to allow ongoing commercial air traffic out of those countries.”

As Cruz said in the interview with Gilman, “Health care personnel can be brought in on military C-130 flights,” he said. “The risks of epidemic are far too large for us to allow unimpeded commercial flights.”

Public opinion polls show broad support for barring the entry of travelers from those countries noted Gilman. Americans strongly support a ban on travel from West Africa, a new poll released Tuesday shows.

Two-thirds of Americans support the idea of barring entry into the country for people coming from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the Washington Post/ABC News found. And 91 percent want tighter screening at U.S. airports.

Despite the transmittal of the disease through means they have yet to comprehend, top Obama administration public health experts argue that a travel ban would hamper efforts to control the outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea — making an international pandemic more likely.

“If we do things that unintentionally make it harder to get that response in, to get supplies in, that make it harder for those governments to manage ... it’s going to become much harder to stop the outbreak at the source,” Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Monday. “If that were to happen, it would spread for more months and potentially to other countries, and that would increase rather than decrease the risk to Americans.”

This would be the same Dr. Frieden who condescendingly told Americans he was “confident” that a large scale outbreak could not occur in the United States, and then had to backtrack and admit the CDC was rethinking its entire approach after nurse Nina Pham became infected with the deadly disease.

Cruz called the screening of inbound passengers “a positive step, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough.” He noted that people can be carrying the virus but not yet showing symptoms.

Now here’s where Ted Cruz’s leadership is so important, and how he has distinguished himself from the Republican Party’s moribund national leadership: He called the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a “public health and national security threat” and noted the disruption and worry caused by just two cases in Dallas.

Cruz isn’t advocating the grounding of flights to and from West Africa — something the U.S. would have a hard time enforcing noted Gilman. He just wants to block people from those countries from entering the United States.

And blocking the people who will bring further cases of Ebola to the United States is what the policy of any normal government that has the best interests of Americans as its top priority ought to be.

As we have observed on many occasions, the Obama administration is not a normal government, but the Republican Party is hardly a normal opposition party, either.

The Republican Party leadership’s inexplicable refusal to recognize and embrace the common sense concept that border security is national security, especially in the face of the deadly Ebola and Enterovirus 68 epidemics, shows that new leadership in the GOP is necessary and that Ted Cruz is one of the few people on the national scene capable of providing it.

*Duncan lied about being exposed to Ebola and even under the lax standards of President Barack Obama was ineligible to enter the United States, thereby rendering him an “illegal alien,” not an “undocumented” person, worker or whatever the politically correct term for illegal alien is these days.

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There should be a million people marching on the White house right now, demanding his arrest for treason. It is clear that he wants to hurt us as bad as possible in his last 2 years.

Ted Cruz for President in 2016!!

Senator Cruz has been on the morally correct side of every issue since I have been hearing him speak out whether it is standing for over 21 hours on the floor of the Senate against the socialized medicine bill on our behalf or trying to stop the flow of illegals across the southern border or now working to insure that the Oval Office Occupant currently in office doew not succeed in having a majority of the nation subjected to death by Ebola. Ted Cruz deserves more than the customary applause, he deserves our full support and encouragement to run for the Presidency on the Republican ticket in 2016!