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Dem’s Job-Killing Amnesty Fuels Brown Surge In NH: Where’s Rest of GOP?

Scott Brown GOP Senate candidate in New Hampshire

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been telling the tone-deaf national leadership of the GOP – and anyone else who will listen – that according to the best polling available, there are three big vote-changing national issues this year:


  1. National security
  2. Ending the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Obama is poisoning our government
  3. Stopping the Democrats’ plans to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens


While the national GOP leadership has not run one ad we could find attacking the Democrats on these issues, especially their plans to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, some individual candidates, such as Scott Brown in New Hampshire, have done so with remarkable results.

While candidates who have avoided or not stuck with nationalizing the election on any of those three big issues have struggled, Mike Rounds in South Dakota and Thom Tillis in North Carolina come immediately to mind, Brown has taken his underfunded campaign from the cellar to actually leading incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in some of the latest polls.

In their final debate Brown hammered Shaheen on immigration multiple times, “lighting her up” as our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart put it, “over supporting the president’s planned executive amnesty—and for voting for the Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ bill.”

The topic first came up, according to Matt Boyle, when debate co-moderator James Pindell of WMUR asked Brown to detail for the voters of New Hampshire what his plan is to secure the border.

“The cost is very minimal in terms of the safety and security of our country,” Brown said according to Boyle. “It’s the number one priority right now. We have to make sure that we secure the border. Obviously, that’s fences, walls, surveillance, infrared, troops, border security personnel, natural resources. It’s not secure. I voted twice to secure the border and send troops. Sen. Shaheen opposes that effort. It is the number one issue in people’s minds right now because people are deeply concerned not only about people coming through who are not here legally, but people who may be [having] criminal intent or terrorist intent or carrying some kind of disease or another. We have to make sure that happens.”

“Since the senator [Shaheen] brought up the border and the immigration bill, I think it’s important to discuss that once this bill—the bill that the senator is referring to—would have been passed and the president signs it, it immediately gives him the ability to give preference to people who are recently here on jobs,” Boyle reports Brown said during the final debate Thursday night. “I want to fight for jobs for New Hampshire. If you read the recent article about the jobs that are right now going to illegal immigrants and people who are new to our state, 70 percent of them are going to those people. I want to make sure that we can protect jobs right here right now.”

Right there in one short paragraph is the reason why Brown’s attacks have been working. It is not because Granite State voters have suddenly turned into anti-immigrant xenophobes, it is because they understand the practical economic consequences of amnesty and uncontrolled immigration for them and their children.

Brown then ripped Shaheen for supporting Obama’s planned executive amnesty.

“In addition to that, the president is also seeking—as part of immigration—to legalize upwards of 11 million people and give them enhanced benefits,” Brown said. “I disagree with that. I will go to the funding source and make sure that that doesn’t happen. He’s preparing it right now. Sen. Shaheen agrees with that effort. I do not.”

The Democratic Party has long portrayed itself as taking the same place in the American political marketplace as do the Labor parties of Europe – but the policies that today’s Democratic Party advocates, especially its embrace of amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens, bear little relationship to the day-to-day concerns of working Americans.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has been the conscience of the Senate on immigration and amnesty and Capitol Hill’s most ardent defender of the interests of America’s working families said in a recent fundraising appeal for Scott Brown, “The President's immigration policies will reduce your pay, increase your tax bill, and squeeze millions of Americans out of the middle class… We need to help struggling Americans find good jobs and rising pay -- not import more low-wage workers to replace them. Your donation to the Brown Campaign can help level the playing field. This election is the epicenter of the fight to stop Obama's immigration agenda. This is where we draw the line. This is where we make our stand.”

Senator Sessions was right, and Scott Brown is closing the deal with voters in New Hampshire because they understand that with regard to their jobs and their economic security, unless they vote for Scott Brown they they and their children will be sacrificed on the altar of identity politics by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Democratic Party and the immigration policies of its most radical President.

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about staying home this election we urge you to watch these two powerful videos, one by Texas conservative Congressman Louie Gohmert and “Who Will Keep Us Safe?” from Fed Up PAC, and then watch them once again on Election Day.

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Its Still Possible to Beat the Globalist Establishment !!

There must be a strategy to defeat the Globalists and their backers like Zuckerberg and others who wish the country were over-run with cheap immigrant labor.

Even though Senator Sherrod Brown is a Democrat he is vocal on keeping jobs in America and in his state of Ohio. I would say that his strategy worked even as a Democrat in the Ohio Senate race. Also, he is big on Veterans. I believe a national strategy of how the U.S.Chamber of Commerce and the Globalists are continuing to urge and pay for shipping jobs overseas is a must. I believe they need to be exposed too. Many of the Globalist promoters have backed candidates in both parties.

The emphasis should be on exposing the Globalists and their agenda to wreck the American economy as they prop up their corporations with cheap labor and subsidized loans with tax breaks that are not deserved.