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Desperate Democrats in Pre-Election Meltdown

Conservatives know from experience that Democrats will say just about anything to get elected – but several recent incidents reveal they’ll do just about anything to get elected, too. Whether it’s a Democrat yelling obscenities at your family or stealing your yard signs under the cover of night, if you’re a Republican, you’d better watch your back.
Desperate Democrats
Several instances of “Democrat Campaign Derision Syndrome” help demonstrate the point.

The most shocking display of the condition took place on Halloween night in New Hampshire, when former Democratic state Senator Burt Cohen allegedly assaulted a campaign volunteer for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown, shouted obscenities at a campaign bus and then tried to force his way onto the vehicle after being asked to desist and leave.

Brown’s sister and niece were on the bus at the time and were able to get some of Cohen’s actions on video.

Cohen is a donor and ally to Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Cohen denies everything except the shouting part and claims he was only concerned about the idling bus harming the environment.

The matter is still under investigation, but Cohen’s actions certainly seem to show how desperate Democrats are feeling in New Hampshire these days. Brown’s persistent hammering of Shaheen over her support for Obama’s amnesty plans has led to his rising in the polls.

And, as the article also indicates, there’s anecdotal evidence that the people of New Hampshire are taking to Brown’s message. Brown’s personal appeal to voters is working – and Democrats are feeling the heat.

Several instances of unhinged Democrats stealing campaign signs also illustrate the point.

In the town of Middletown, Delaware, for example, local Republicans noticed that signs exclaiming “Fix the Economy! Vote Republican” had been mysteriously disappearing. As a result, a number of motivated individuals decided to lay a trap for the desperate Democrat thief and were successful in catching him in the act and videoed the crime.

The culprit turned out to be the husband of incumbent state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long. The video shows the sad sap (Dana Armon Long) hurriedly carrying signs to his car. When approached by the concerned Republican citizens, Long acts annoyed and says, “There is no name on these signs.”

Long then throws the signs in his car and rushes off – but not before his license plate is clearly depicted on the video. He now faces criminal charges – and Hall-Long must go before the voters after admitting it was her husband who did it, and even pathetically claimed his theft was an act of love.

Talk about unhinged.

John Fluharty, executive director of the Delaware Republican Party, said about the incident, “Democrats must resort to breaking the law” to win.

“When you only have a track record of high taxes, unemployment, and lower wages for private sector employees to stand on, the Democrats must resort to breaking the law to win elections because they are scared of being held accountable for their dismal performance.”

Too true. There was more Democratic law-breaking in Indiana and Washington state as well.

In the Hoosier State, Richland Township Precinct Committeewoman and Democrat attorney Pamela Davidson was caught removing Republican signs by a policeman near a road.

Davidson said the signs were “litter” and she was removing them because they were illegally placed near a highway.

Even assuming the signs were placed in the wrong spot, it is illegal for an individual to remove them. They would have to be taken away by transit authorities after proper notification.

Wouldn’t an attorney know that? Or maybe it’s just another deranged Democrat ignoring the law – and the Constitution.

“It’s just sad that they’d stoop to childish behavior,” said Robert Hall, founder and coordinator of Grassroots Conservatives. “They are being bullies. The First Amendment allows free and political speech.”

The state of Washington provides a final example of a liberal ignoring free speech rights.

Former Bellevue City Council member Margot Blacker (once called the city’s “last liberal”) admitted to stealing signs of gun-rights supporters who are advocating that the state be barred from enacting stricter background checks than the federal government mandates.

Blacker is a lifelong community activist and apparently feels she can take the law into her own hands to push her agenda.

Doesn’t that sound just like another community activist we know?

It all goes to show that conservatives must be vigilant in protecting themselves and the elections process. Don’t let the unhinged Democrats “steal” the election. Get out and vote!

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