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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll: November

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2016 presidential election. While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd currently like to see as the GOP nominee. 

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Sarah Sarah Sarah

I'll be concise.

Sarah Palin is the only logical candidate for 2016, providing "The People" are successful in convincing her to run.

Consider this idea: (It concerns a "FORETELLING INDICATION" of a plan to steer another Mitt Romney style moderate to run in 2016, the consequence of which is fairly predictable -- Tea Party loses again.)

If the Republican regime steers Sen. Mike Enzi to the chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee, it will reveal the Republican regime's plan to "engineer" another moderate candidate, or worse still, Hillary into the presidency. I believe she and Bill are drooling over the chance to get back in the White House.

Senator Sessions, now ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee would definitely disallow money to be used for illegal immigration and ObamaCare, while Senator Enzi would probably open the money bag.

Everyone should encourage Sarah to run in 2016. She has already stated on TV that she is definitely interested in serving -- perhaps a hint that she is looking for support.

Some Very Good Points !!

Obviously, the establishment is doing what it can to clip Senator Sessions wings by kicking him off this committee. Actually, Sessions should have been the majority leader because he is proactive. Also, he is diplomatic too. Sessions is a former U.S. Prosecutor which means he has a legal mind in addition to his experience. As a prosecutor Sessions knows that one must have everything nailed down and just the slightest mistake can lose a case. This holds true for stopping illegal immigration too. Sessions could put a stop at it and foresee any loopholes the Oligarchs might try to use years down the road in order to flood the country with another wave of cheap labor, millions of more for the government SSI and welfare roles. Sessions should be allowed to lead the charge and put an end to this once and for all.

I like Palin but at this point I am undecided about her. I feel like the reason she was originally chosen by Bill Kristol when he and some others visited her in Alaska was that they felt like they needed to have someone they could use who might appeal to evangelicals. This is what happened when Reagan was elected. He appealed to evangelicals and conservative democrats but once he was elected the honeymoon was over. The Globalist Establishment and their NEOCON brothers co-opted the Reagan presidency. Also, its hard to know which candidates are the controlled opposition.

My gut feeling is that Senator Sessions is a pit bull for the Tea Party and he should have some sort of role but I am not sure what.

Sincerely, Clinton Berry